Field Tested: REV’IT! Philly 2 LF Jeans

As with my cars, I am a firm believer that classic bikes of the 60s, 70s and 80s should still be used for the purpose they were designed and manufactured for back in their heyday. Of course they are not as refined as a modern counterpart, but choose the right model for the task at hand and they are as equally useful today as they were then. Having said that, I also appreciate the practicality and safety of a more modern workhorse which bursts into life at the touch of the button, will pull up sharply, exhibits precise handling, and is light footed in busy city traffic. As for the rider, I am a jeans, T-shirt, and jacket person—for work and play—in all seasons.

To briefly elaborate on one of my conundrums, I am 1.98 meters tall and tip the scales slightly to the wrong side of 100 kilograms. Finding clothes that fit is more often than not a test for my patience (and my wife’s). Trying to find something to fit me and my lifestyle is even more challenging. So, when I picked up a pair of REV’IT! Philly 2 LF jeans at the beginning of the year, my hopes were set high on comfort, protection, and practicality. Five months down the road and I’m much the wiser.

Since their debut in 1995, REV’IT!, based in the Netherlands, has established themselves as an innovative leader in the world of motorcycle attire with a reputation for quality, value for money and safety. Their wardrobe includes a wide range of styles for road racing, urban, classic and adventure. Reading through the classic and urban catalogues, it would appear that this privately owned business may well have created fashionable clothing which, on first impression, belies their functionality as potentially life-saving protective garments.

Looks and feel: Well, the Philly 2 LF (loose fit) look like jeans for a start and if you take out the knee protectors, there is nothing to imply they are anything other than my favourite strides. The legs are 36 inches long, leaving enough material for turn-ups which also reveal a short vertical reflector strip on the outer seam. The exterior material is Cordura denim with mechanical stretch making them comfortably loose to wear without being baggy or flapping around. After several washes, they have faded nicely as well.

Protection: The knees come fitted with slim SEESMART protectors and the hips have pockets for you to add more if you wish.  Additionally, the seat, hips, and knees are double layered with PWR I shield, a remarkably robust material which is extremely abrasion resilient, as depicted in the self-explanatory graphics. Fortunately, this is the only aspect I haven’t had put to the test yet. With the company’s background in road racing combined with the advanced technology they employ, it all adds up to considerable peace of mind if things should go rubber-side up.

Practicality: The more I’ve worn them, the more they’ve grown on me. And I do wear them most of the time regardless of whether I’m out in the field, writing at my desk, or even in the workshop. There are five pockets, four of which are deep enough to prevent items falling out. The protective elements do not intrude on comfort or range of movement. Wind resistance is good and the inclusion of Coolmax effectively transports body moisture away and keeps the material dry.

Conclusion: They’re not just another pair of jeans by any stretch of the imagination. But they are my go-to everyday solution regardless of whatever my agenda may hold in store. I feel adequately dressed for a meeting, comfortably casual, and protected against some of motorcycling’s hazards. REV’IT! has listened to their customers, done their homework, and created specialised jeans without losing the aesthetics.


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