Field Tested: Ovrlandr Coffee Press

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in Overland Journal’s Gear 2021 Issue.


Planetary Design spent three years researching, designing, and testing the Ovrlndr, a French-style press that provides the opportunity to make a cup of coffee that can travel. Though it will not fit in a cup holder, you can drink directly from it after your coffee is brewed.

The company also offers stackable Camp Cups which hold 8 fluid ounces and are perfect for a morning cup of joe or an adult beverage after the day’s journey is finished. The double-wall insulation prevented my hand from feeling the heat of my coffee while maintaining the right temperature to enjoy. The press and cups are available in a pleasing assortment of colors and textures, including my favorite, obsidian.

The press features a Bru-Stop plunger with a distinctive cupped shape, plate, and filtration screen that prevents over-brewing and restricts grounds from reappearing in your mug or your mouth. The press also filters loose tea leaves, whether you choose a cold or a hot brew. With a 28-fluid-ounce capacity, you can share your beverage with fellow travelers. The double-wall construction retains the heat, so your coffee is still ready when you are. With the removable base, this press is easy to clean, leaving a fully satisfying experience.


Lisa Williams is an Arizona native that spent much of her childhood exploring backroads with her family in whatever project vehicle her father was wrenching on at the time. She has traveled the continental United States by foot, by Ford Econoline, and, most recently, by Jeep Cherokee. All her passions center around driving, connecting with nature, and a deep love for adventure. Though a practicing weekend warrioress, she aspires to write, photograph, and eventually rally race around the globe and share her journeys through photojournalism. Upcoming goals include competing in the Rebelle Rally, the Baja 1000, and an immersion into the less-traveled roads of New Zealand in her 2019 Toyota Tacoma.