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I found myself reading over the Phoenix Pop Up Campers website, feeling quite surprised that they’re not very widely talked about in the overland and truck camper world. That surprise comes primarily from the fact that Phoenix was started by the same family who founded Four Wheel Campers in Colorado back in the early 1970s.

As it turns out, they also created Tiger motorhomes which, like Four Wheel Campers, took off; both have seen continued success over the years. But managing two booming businesses was a huge commitment, and in the late 1980s, the Four Wheel Campers name was sold to make room for a new endeavor.

Phoenix Pop Up Campers was launched in 1988, building on design fundamentals that were developed with the FWC line to deliver even more robust and refined truck campers. Phoenix’s slide-in and integrated flatbed campers are made-to-order, utilizing a fully interactive process which they established back in 2007. To this day, they are factory direct to the consumer, so you won’t find them at dealerships.

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“Taking from the strong foundation my father started in the 1970s with FWC, We have incorporated new, more advanced technology in camper manufacturing. Our entire focus is now on developing the most personalized, toughest, best-performing off-roading camper imaginable.”


Phoenix Pop Up Campers: Slide-in or Flatbed Truck Campers

Whether you choose a slide-in or flatbed camper from Phoenix, some design elements will be the same across the board, including:

  • Extruded R5 polystyrene wall and ceiling insulation
  • Double-welded aluminum cage frame
  • Fiberglass siding
  • Reico Titan jacks
  • Molded, aerodynamic cabover
  • Front-opening window
  • Side-louvering window (which doubles as an escape route)
  • Large radius tinted Tork or slide side window
  • Privacy curtains
  • LED ceiling lights
  • 3-speed Fantastic fan
  • Electric roof lift
  • Group 24 deep-cycle battery
  • Queen-sized bed
  • Under-bed storage with gas strut-assisted opening
  • Vinyl flooring
  • 12-volt auxiliary outlet

phoenix campers exterior 1

phoenix campers exterior 2

During the build process, you can select from a range of upholstery colors, cabinetry finishes, and countertops to give your camper some personal style.

The base slide-in camper model starts at $22,450 and the flatbed model at $40,000. Both will quickly increase in price with the incorporation of non-standard features like increased house-battery capacity, non-standard camper dimensions (longer or wider), or additional electrical infrastructure. The list of extra features and options is extensive, leaving much room for customization to fit your needs on the road.


Production time on news orders is approximately 14 months. Visit the Phoenix Pop Up Campers website to learn more.


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