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Drawing his inspiration from the USS Alabama (a nuclear submarine), Mark King, founder of Kimbo Camper, designed his first truck camper back in 2016. At that time, there was nothing on the market that perfectly met his needs as an inventor and entrepreneur, so he was motivated to create something new. His goal was simple: take what he had learned from living full time in a 19-foot Airstream trailer and create a simpler, more nimble home on wheels. The result is the Kimbo Camper, a relatively lightweight truck camper constructed from aluminum panels and ideally suited to medium- and full-sized pickup trucks.

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Kimbo 6 Base Camper at a Glance

The all-metal exterior of the “Kimbo 6 Base” belies its sub-1,000-pound weight, which is achieved through a frameless design. Instead of studs or steel beams, its strength comes from the riveted and sealed geometric panels, a design that allows a modest interior square footage in a 6-foot length (hence the name, a reference to the 6-foot truck bed).

The entry-level Kimbo camper may be light enough for mid-sized trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, or Chevy Colorado, but prospective shoppers should note that it won’t take too much more weight to hit the maximum GVWR on some of these vehicles. Based on this information, the first questions that you should be asking yourself are: What are the standard amenities? And How much additional weight in gear will I need to add for a comfortable off-grid camping experience?

Kimbo 6 Base Specs

      • R5 insulation with brushed fabric interior
      • 3 double-pane insulated windows with screens and blackout shades
      • 3-speed reversible roof vent fan with skylight
      • 12-volt sealed battery with integrated 110-volt outlets and USB ports
      • High efficiency, dimmable LED lighting
      • Teak entryway/mudroom with gear closet
      • 2 cushioned benches for social seating
      • Loft bed area with full mattress, 54 x 75 inches
      • Fire extinguisher
      • Exterior propane bay/storage
      • External 120-volt power connection
      • Solar outdoor perimeter lights
      • Side ladder for roof access
      • High strength tie-down brackets
      • Side-mounted, removable jack lifts


After reviewing these features, my personal list of additional equipment would include a stove, freshwater storage, bathroom solution, and a cooler/refrigerator. But as a starting point for off-grid travel and adventuring, the Kimbo 6 does appear capable and ready to hit the trail with a minimum of additions. And it’s unique exterior is sure to turn some heads as you make your way down the road.

Additional features offered “from the factory” to make things a little more comfortable on the road include a diesel heater, 2-way fridge, kitchen module, propane or wood stove, folding table, and additional storage compartments. The Kimbo 6 starts at $19,999 and goes up to $29,999 with the addition of all available equipment.


Visit the Kimbo Camper website to learn more.


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