Featured Trailer :: Terra Trek TTE Expedition Trailer

The longer I write about trailers and campers, the more apparent it becomes to me that the Aussies really know how to design and build them. Perhaps it’s their easy access to rugged and remote 4WD tracks for product testing or the fact that their country has such a large diversity of terrain, including deserts, tropical rain forests, and significant mountain ranges that make 4WD trailers and campers a basic necessity for adventuring. Whatever the reason, the TTE expedition trailer from Terra Trek is another example of Australian camper engineering that deserves the attention of anyone looking for a rugged trailer to hit the trail.


The TTE Trailer from Terra Trek

TTE stands for Terra Trek Expedition, and it’s the top-of-the-line offering in their range of trailers. The TTE features cross-arm suspension, loads of storage for your gear, and is outfitted appropriately for a comfortable backcountry experience, all while remaining compact for easy towing.

Terra Trek prides itself on the construction of their unique chassis and suspension, both of which have been developed over “countless R&D hours.” They claim that “no other trailer comes close.” A laser-cut and jig-welded steel ladder chassis is the foundation of the TTE, which mates to your vehicle with a single-beam drawbar, providing a highly maneuverable towing experience. Dedicated high-lift jack points, a rear-hitch recovery point, a spare wheel swing-away mount, a fully removable jockey wheel, and front/rear water tank mounts round out the chassis. It is also fully hot-dip galvanized and can be painted.


Where the Rubber Meets the Road

The TTE overland trailer runs Toyo Open Country Mud Terrain tires on 5- or 6-stud wheels, with heavy-duty bearings and 12-inch electric drum brakes.

As for suspension, Terra Trek describes their system as “possibly the best handling, longest travel, and most durable suspension system available on an off-road camper trailer.” This cross-arm design utilizes Old Man Emu Toyota Landcruiser 200 coil springs with Nitrocharger shocks. Also incorporated into their design are Superior Engineering adjustable Toyota Landcruiser control arms and Toyota Landcruiser bushes, and Airbag Man high-pressure spring helper airbags to accommodate differing load conditions.


TTE Body Construction

The laser-cut aluminum body of the TTE is fully floating and connected to the trailer chassis via urethane mounts. Its construction is a combination of welds, rivets, and adhesives which results in a lightweight, strong yet flexible finished product. The tapered profile of the TTE increases aerodynamics during travel while deflecting errant rocks from bouncing back and damaging your tow vehicle.

The nose cone of the TTE is designed to accommodate electrical components, a hot-water heater, fire extinguisher, and a refrigerator up to 100 liters. Two 4-kilogram LPG tanks reside in the front lower side lockers, and the passenger-side, lower-side locker houses water control components. There are two dedicated jerry can lockers and a large main storage area that can accommodate bigger items like canvas tents or surfboards.


Electrical and Water Systems

Because water is crucial in arid environments, Terra Trek has designed a robust system for the TTE trailer which begins with a 90-liter, stainless-steel, under-mounted tank with internal baffles and hidden lines. The top-mounted stainless steel manifold delivers water via a 12-volt pump to a sink and an additional external outlet. The manifold is easily accessible for service should it be needed. A hot water heater is optional equipment that can easily be connected to the water and LPG systems in the TTE.

A 100-amp hour lithium battery system is expandable to 200 amp hours for those needing additional power, and RedArc components manage the batteries and solar input. LED lighting and USB charging points are located in convenient locations, and a RedArc 350-watt inverter provides power for small AC applications (for those needing more power, you can upgrade the inverter).


TTE Slide-out Food Prep and Kitchen

A slide-out stainless steel food-prep surface with an integrated sink provides ample space for anyone cooking a meal and does not compete with other storage slides. The kitchen utilizes a Coleman Hyperflame two-burner range that Terra Trek says is the only one they have encountered that can actually still cook with a stiff breeze. A full-length food storage area is immediately accessible while cooking, allowing the chef to stay in the kitchen instead of running around to other compartments while preparing a meal.


Roof Top Tent and Awning

A custom-designed, hard-shell rooftop tent sets up quickly and offers room for a double-sized mattress. A 100-millimeter-high foam mattress comes standard, but the tent has enough room to accommodate a real spring mattress if you desire. The aluminum shell can accommodate Rhino roof bars for extra cargo storage. Waterproof breathable material with integrated windows and bug netting makes the interior of this RTT comfortable in a variety of conditions. Entering the tent from below its extended veranda keeps you sheltered from bad weather while climbing the ladder. An Australian-made Supapeg 270-degree awning wraps around the trailer, offering complete protection for the kitchen and refrigerator area.


The Terra Trek TTE trailer retails for $49,990 fully-equipped. Visit the Terra Trek website for detailed trailer specs or to explore the full range of Terra Trek trailers.


Matt is a paragliding pilot and adventure seeker living full-time in a 25-foot Airstream travel trailer pulled by a Ram 2500. His love of the outdoors has driven him to explore remote destinations across North and South America in search of the most aesthetic peaks and beautiful flying sites. IG: @m.b.swartz