Featured Teardrop Trailer :: The Mink 2.0

Mink 2.0 Icelandic travel overland trailer

Featured Teardrop Trailer :: The Mink 2.0

The Mink travel trailer is mildly reminiscent of a space ship escape pod, ready for a quick departure from urban environments to more rustic destinations. Founded in Iceland in 2015, Mink travel trailers are designed and constructed with a focus on minimalism, functionality, quality manufacturing, and robustness. At the heart of their mission, Mink aims to facilitate connections with nature by producing a product that, as they put it, “enables even the most inexperienced individuals to stay in nature.”

“We want to inspire people of all ages to travel, explore the outdoors, and dwell in nature, all while staying safe and feeling comfortable. The second generation of the Mink Camper was launched in the spring of 2019, and from the beginning, we have not strayed from our design philosophy of less is more.”

Mink 2.0 teardrop trailer

Currently, the Mink 2.0 is only available to purchase in Europe but the company hopes to expand to North America in the future. For those interested in testing the trailer out, rentals can be booked in Iceland, Norway, and Scotland. Find more information about rentals here.


Trailer Features

Retro yet futuristic, the Mink teardrop trailer combines minimalism with comfort. This diminutive tow-behind is small, weighing in at just 1,654-pounds, which means that it can be towed by most vehicles. And with 12 inches of clearance, it’s probably more capable than your sedan. But the Mink wasn’t designed for extreme trails. Think of it as a luxury car camping experience.

The basic features include a queen-sized memory foam mattress and an innovative yet simple canvas bunk bed system. The ceiling has a very large “panoramic” skylight which offers unobstructed views of the stars while you fall asleep and lets in ample sunshine during the daylight hours. A 100 amp-hour AGM house battery provides a steady stream of power for integrated LED lighting and USB charging ports (four in the cabin, two in the kitchen).

The kitchen, like most teardrop designs, is found in the back of the Mink trailer and is accessed from outside. Gas-struts aid in opening the kitchen hatch, where an illuminated ice chest, food storage, and Mink cube stove provide a simple, yet effective food-prep and cooking station. From the front of the hitch to the back of the bumper, the Mink 2.0 is 162 inches long.

Mink teardrop trailer diagram

As with most travel trailers, a wide selection of optional equipment is offered to make the travel experience a little bit more plush including:

  • Webasto heater
  • 105-watt solar panel
  • Portable Bose speaker
  • Curated decor (blankets, kitchenware, duvet, etc.)

Mink teardrop trailer optional accessories

The base price of the trailer is €14,160.

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For more information, visit the Mink website.

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