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oregon trail'r dodrop alpha

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Raised in the mountains of Southern Oregon, Jon and Sawyer Christianson are the brothers behind Oregon Trail’R. As outdoor enthusiasts, the pair knows what it takes to make an off-road trailer functional and comfortable. Sawyer’s professional building background is in woodworking, and Jon has loads of experience with fabrication, CNC operation, and systems design. Together, their skills and knowledge are well-suited to the design and manufacturing of teardrop travel trailers.

oregon trail'r founders

Oregon Trail’R’s offers five different models of trailers. Today we’ll cover the DoDrop Alpha which is the most off-road capable trailer in their lineup. The bare-bones trailer starts at a very reasonable price of $6,150, giving it great potential for the DIY crowd looking for a solid platform to upgrade themselves. Of course, you can choose to have Oregon Trail’R install many additional features, increasing the comfort, functionality, and price tag.


Ready for Off-camber Dirt and Challenging Trails: The DoDrop Alpha

The DoDrop Alpha’s (aka DDA) independent long-travel suspension and reinforced chassis are two of the main factors that qualify it as off-road capable. But the DDA’s small and nimble size is another factor that will pay off on the trail. In fact, the DDA is small enough to fit within almost all tow vehicle’s track-width envelopes, which means that “if your rig fits, your trailer will fit too.”

oregon trail'r dodrop alpha interior

When configuring a DDA, you have the choice of starting with either a 3.5- or 4-foot wide trailer. While the 3.5-foot width may sound small (let’s be honest, it is), it’s a perfect size to tow behind a smaller vehicle like a Jeep or even a side-by-side. And thanks to the trailer’s lighter weight (I couldn’t find an exact number, but I am led to believe it is very close to 1,000 pounds), you could even tow it with something like a Subaru or similar-sized sedan. The 3.5-foot-wide model is ideally suited for a single individual, with its roughly twin-sized bed, while the 4-foot wide model provides enough space to sleep two.

oregon trail'r dodrop with awning

As I mentioned above, one of the most compelling aspects of the DDA is its starting price of $6,150, a veritable bargain in the world of off-road trailers.


Learn more about the DoDrop Alpha on the Oregon Trail’R website.


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