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Voyager Campervans was founded after a 2017 road trip when founder Grady converted and took a van on the road as part of a job with a beverage start-up. The experience of traveling for an extended period of time reminded him of road trips that he used to take with his family (and dog). Grady was inspired to combine the experience of the road trip with the comforts of a compact camper and offer it as a service. Voyager Campervans was born.

Now, four years later, Voyager has multiple locations in Minneapolis, Nashville, Austin, and Phoenix that offer campervan rentals as well as full conversions on the Ram ProMaster City platform. Their builds may be basic, but they have all of the elements required to elevate your camping experience way above what a tent offers. We’re talking kitchen, bed, basic climate control, and integrated storage for gear.

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The Voyager Campervans Minny V3 Campervan

The Voyager Campervans Minny V3 is the culmination of multiple years of conversions that have evolved through real-world use and customer feedback. Compared to earlier versions, V3 offers a larger convertible bed, increased gear storage, a larger rear-located cooking area, a solar-powered fridge, an electric sink with a 4-gallon reservoir, and a larger fan to keep things comfortable.

Complete conversions cost $11,495, a bargain in the world of campervan upfitting. From start to finish, builds take roughly three weeks, a very quick turnaround thanks to a single-platform approach.


Learn more about the Minny V3 on the Voyager Campervans website.

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