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Hiatus Campers Builds Hard-Sided Pop-Up Truck Campers

Washington-based Hiatus Campers was founded by two road-tripping adventurers who created a unique hard-sided pop-up camper design out of necessity. Tyler and Erin’s initial goal was to design a comfortable and secure retreat to make their pursuit of rock climbing, backpacking, and snow sports a little bit more comfortable. That need led them to create a custom hard-sided pop-up truck camper from scratch, and they documented the process on Imgur. After unveiling their creation, the couple received well-deserved attention from many individuals who saw the custom camper as the perfect solution for off-grid adventures. There was an immediate demand for their new design, so Tyler and Erin ran with the idea and started Hiatus Campers.



Hiatus Campers Pop-Up Truck Camper Design

If Hiatus Campers’ pop-up camper design looks familiar, it’s possible that you saw Anders’ Ram 2500 build, which utilized one of these unique hard-sided truck campers.


The hard-sided pop-up is not a new concept, but Hiatus Campers executes this design with elegant simplicity. They aim to be the “ultimate adventure rig,” with a lightweight (460-500 pounds) and streamlined design that they hand-build to fit truck beds ranging from 5 to 8 feet long. The Hiatus pop-up utilizes a cab-over front that provides a 50- x 74-inch sleeping platform once the top is extended, with an overall interior standing height of 6’2” or 6’5” for medium and full-sized pickups respectively.




If you need more headroom or a larger sleeping platform, Hiatus can accommodate your needs with a custom design. If you haven’t already, Hiatus recommends upgrading your vehicle suspension with additional leaf springs or airbags to accommodate the extra weight of their camper prior to installation.


When you roll into camp, the design utilizes gas struts to make setup manageable for an individual. However, if you have utilized the roof for a cargo box or anything else adding significant weight, Hiatus recommends unloading your cargo before attempting to pop the top.


Hiatus Campers Design Options

Hiatus Campers offers multiple design options to match the needs of individual customers. 


The basic Hiatus Campers Pop-up truck camper shell unit starts at $13,500* for mid-sized 5- and 6-foot truck bed lengths and comes outfitted with the following features:

  • Insulated composite folding wall system
  • Insulated lower aluminum frame
  • Slide-out sleeping platform with cushions
  • Prewired overhead LED lighting (needs to be hooked up to vehicle or auxiliary battery)
  • Front and rear slider windows with screens
  • Fan-Tastic roof VENT (non-powered)
  • Locking rear double doors with windows or lift-up half door/tailgate
  • Locking side access door with gas struts
  • Lockable draw latches to secure camper when driving
  • External L-track brackets for overhead camper removal
  • Exterior lift assist gas struts
  • Integrated third brake light
  • Yakima tracks (racks not included, let us know if you plan to install racks)

*Installation fees are included 


A selection of additional accessories are available to customize your Hiatus Campers shell straight from the factory, including roof racks, powered vent fans, awnings, and exterior fuel/water racks.



The inside of the Hiatus Campers truck camper is also customizable and can be a simple or extravagant affair, with a-la-carte options or a unique custom build. Some of the most common amenities that customers choose to have added include:

  • Auxiliary electrical systems
  • Counters with storage
  • Benches with storage
  • Sink with electric water pump and fresh/gray water storage
  • BedRug liners
  • Rigid flooring w/vinyl finish
  • Propane systems


If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on their website, you can submit a request for additional customized components, and Tyler and Erin will work with you to create a solution to meet your needs.



Hiatus Campers Protect from Cold and Wet Weather

Hiatus Campers utilize aluminum, composite, fiberglass, and plastic to produce a rot-resistant camper that is impervious to the elements. The core of the body panels is a high R-value closed-cell foam, which helps insulate and keep cold, wet weather out. All seals and gaskets used at points of contact are waterproof.


Hiatus recommends storing your camper under a carport or in a garage when not in use. If it must remain out in the elements, periodically opening it to allow for air circulation and to inspect for leaks is considered best practice for a long life of enjoyment.


Photos courtesy @hiatuscampers via Instagram.


Learn more about Hiatus Campers’ hard-sided pop-up truck campers on their website.


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