ExPo Classifieds: 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser Trakka

We’ve all had the dream: buy a cool 70 Series or Defender, ship it to some exotic destination, and explore the world. Many of us spend hours, hell even days, browsing the depths of classified sections hoping to stumble upon that perfect truck here in the states. Unfortunately, when we do find it, the fairy tale often falls apart. Since these trucks are rare breeds in North America, the prices are exorbitant, the condition is often poor, and the buyer pool is huge. Those who actually pony up the cash to purchase their dream vehicle anyway then encounter pre-trip maintenance, shipping costs, and the logistics of sending a vehicle overseas. Thus, the vehicle usually ends up sitting here in North America, until it is eventually sold to the next dreamer. Let’s break that cycle.

Instead of purchasing a truck here in North America and paying for someone else’s import, why not buy it overseas and take your dream trip? Then if you really love the truck, you can ship it back home. Expedition Portal’s own Christian Pelletier did this some time ago, and now that beautiful pop-top troop carrier is back up for sale and ready for a new adventure. It is currently located in Belgium, and although the owner states he can ship it from the nearby port, we’re thinking a proper trip across Europe, Africa, or Asia are in order first. Check out the details and video below, and start dreaming of your journey!

Toyota Land Cruiser Troopie 2H Diesel Trekka Conversion—wants to go travelling.

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m thinking of selling my 1988 (25 years old) Toyota HJ75 2H 6-cylinder diesel Troopie with Trekka camper conversion.

I only used her once last year and have no plans for a road trip next year longer than two weeks. With work commitments. I don’t see that changing.

The truck spent her first 20 years in Australia when Christian Pelletier from the EXPO Portal bought her, shipped her to South Africa, and then ultimately drove her to Europe. I then spent two years getting European approval and implementing modifications and restoration work.

She’s ready to go anywhere. There are 308,000 kilometres on the clock, the transmission was rebuilt in SA, and I’ve changed many of the consumables over the last years.

She’s done Australia, Cape Town to London, Belgium to the Arctic Circle, and now she needs to go to the Americas.

I’m asking €11,500, roughly $13,000usd.
I’m happy to assist with shipping anywhere in the world and will deliver her to any port in Belgium or Holland. I’m even happy to store the car if you fancy a European/African tour.

My other love is British classic cars and I am happy to take one in exchange, assuming it’s running and can be used for a holiday tour.

1988 HJ75 with original 2H engine.
– 10 litres per 100 kilometres consumption at 100 kph
– Right-hand drive, speedo in KPH, LHD headlights
– Pop-top conversion made by Trekka in Australia when new
– 308,000 kilometres; I’ve driven 10,000 kilometres in nine years
– Rear Kaymar heavy-duty bumper with two wheels; these are Toyota split rims with used BFG AT tyres
– x4 New 235/85R16 BFG A/T tyres on factory Toyota rims
– ARB front bumper with space for winch
– Upgraded swivel seats

– Factory snorkel
– Inline water/fuel separator
– two factory fuel tanks (150 litres total)
– two aluminum water tanks underneath with rear faucet and electrical 12V pump. Hot water is via the engine and this is currently removed as is the tank.
– New stove mounted to the rear door, propane tank stored inside (African and European included)
– Kitchen cabinet with storage
– Dual batteries with national Luna battery management (If you plan a trip from here, I’ll supply two new batteries.)
– Rear bench seat that converts into a bed or can carry four passengers and offer plenty of storage. New cushions/ IKEA mattress
– Upper bed is strong and big enough for two.

– Transfer case and driveshaft have been rebuilt in South Africa prior to the trip, aprox 285,000 kilometres (invoices totalling + $5,000).
– Radiator had been replaced, all new water hoses, with old as spares
– Complete suspension rebuild, including leafs professionally rebuilt, 2-inch lift new EFS shocks
– Prop shafts rebuilt, new wheel bearings supplied, new hand brake cable supplied
– European wing mirrors, seat belts, fog light
– Double rear door seals to reduce dust entry
– Currently on Belgium number plates with European certificate of road worthiness (took two years and €1,000 to get)
– All EU Taxes paid

I’m sure I’ve forgotten loads.

Some marks on the bodywork and would benefit from a re-spray. The chassis has light surface rust from being used in Europe, and there is one small patch of body rust which will need attention if keeping in a wet climate—remember, it’s only in the last five years that she’s seen rain. The windscreen will need replacing sometime soon.

I really hope that whomever buys the truck will use her as intended. I’m happy to go the extra mile to make a deal happen, so no scammers or time wasters please.

Email for extra pictures.


email: matthew.mason@skynet.be

Located Gent Belgium Europe

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