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Explore Baja from the Seat of the Aprilia Tuareg 660

Aprilia is offering a dream adventure ride through Baja California, open to all riders. Ride the Tuareg 660, created to explore the world and designed to be a companion in everyday adventures, both on and off the road. This ride makes the new Tuareg 660 available to all those who wish to test its qualities and satisfy their thirst for discovery.

As a unique experiential opportunity for those who crave a mix of tarmac and terra firma and an environment that spans from coast to crest line, the Aprilia Tuareg Experience for Baja California will be an evocative motorcycle journey to celebrate the best of Baja, enhanced by Italian performance and style.

The experience is a guided adventure which includes the rental of an Aprilia Tuareg 660, as well as all meals and lodging. Spanning six days total, it begins in San Diego, California, in a loop that brings the tour on and off the pavement to Ensenada, San Felipe, Bahía de Los Ángeles, Cataviña, and back north for an unforgettable journey that celebrates the best mix of dirt, asphalt, sea salt, and petrol. Join Aprilia in the first North American tour of its kind, crossing borders and terrain, on the adventure category’s most exciting new offering.

The tour group size is limited, with an expectation of riding most of the day each day over a variety of technical roads and environments. Experienced motorcyclists with a minimum of intermediate dual-sport riding capability are encouraged to join. The itinerary will cover more than 1,000 miles over six days, as detailed below.

Day 1 – San Diego – Ensenada

Arrive in San Diego for a reception dinner where riders will be assigned their machines. The first day is a taste test of all terrain, from the coastline of San Diego, through the mountains, and into the desert, before cutting back through Mexico toward the coast for the night. Crossing the border into Baja California at the Tecate crossing, the group will head southwest through the Valle de Guadalupe on the Ruta de Vino and into Ensenada to watch the sun set over the Pacific.

Day 2 – Ensenada – San Felipe

The second day is not for the faint of heart, nearly 275 miles through the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park, tracing the steps of the hill climb, to arrive at the Observatory for a beautiful lunch vista. The group then heads down to the Gulf of California to spend the night in San Felipe.

Day 3 – San Felipe to Bahía de Los Ángeles

Most coastal views as the group rides south, mixing dirt and asphalt along the way. Open desert landscape gives riders the chance to enjoy the full potential of these middle-weight motorcycles. The day finishes at the Bahía de Los Ángeles, the southernmost point of the trip.

Day 4 – Bahía de Los Ángeles to Cataviña

Heading north from Bahía de Los Ángeles, the fourth day brings on mixed road conditions as riders traverse the interior of Baja, where they will spend long stretches off-road. After many challenging miles in the desert, putting a kickstand down in Cataviña will be especially rewarding, with a chance to remove the boots, wash away the dust, and enjoy some well-deserved refreshment.

Day 5 Cataviña to Ensenada

The tour heads to the Pacific coastline for the penultimate day of the tour, closing the loop as we head back into Ensenada. The coastline is celebrated for its open nature, giving the group many chances to take in sights while turning in and out along the disparate coastline roads. Asphalt, gravel, and sand are all on the menu. And with some luck and good timing, so is a meal of celebrated seafood in Ensenada.

Day 6 Ensenada to San Diego

On the last day, the tour takes a casual detour throughout the remaining coastal cities as the parade of Tuareg 660’s inch closer to the Tijuana border. A more casual day, mixed with a few sights, some last delicious bites, and a hope of limited traffic to arrive back in San Diego to complete the tour. With many miles, countless smiles, and some new riding stories, the group wraps up with a fine meal before parting ways.

Space is limited. Act soon to reserve your spot.

October 23-30, 2022

Price: $3,500

Proof of health insurance required

For More Information: aprilia.com

Tickets Available at: aprilia.ticketspice.com/tuareg-experience-2022-baja

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