Expeditionportal.com Celebrates 10 Years of Adventure

From humble beginnings in the summer of 2005, expeditionportal.com has grown to become the world’s largest and most-visited resource for overland travelers. In a typical month, expeditionportal.com is viewed by nearly 1 million visitors with over 4 million page views. The home page hosts more than 3,000 articles in six vertical categories. What started as a small community forum of a few hundred adventurers, has now grown to 115,000 4WD and adventure motorcycle enthusiasts from 192 countries. The forum participants have started 110,000 threads in 52 interest sections and contributed 1,744,000 posts on topics as diverse as camp cooking to crossing Antarctica.

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Expeditionportal.com is a division of the Overland International, Inc. group, which also includes the premium print publication Overland Journal. When asked about the growth of Expedition Portal, Founder Scott Brady shares, “Expedition Portal is a collective, representing the adventures, projects, and insights of over 100,000 members. On the home page, our editorial team (led by Editor Christophe Noel) has produced nearly 4,000 unique adventure stories, gear reviews and news pieces. This repository of information is the largest of its type, and I believe this adds ongoing value to regular visitors and those searching the web for overland and adventure travel content.”

The expeditionportal.com forum officially started in July 2005 and was complimented in 2009 with daily editorial features on the home page. In June 2014, the home page was completely redesigned to better categorize the unique 4WD and adventure motorcycle content, and to provide a stronger visual canvas for the rich photography.

Thinking back on the last 10 years, Scott reflects on those who made the site possible. “Without question, ExPo is a success because of the members and moderators on the forum; their enthusiasm for adventure travel and vehicles is evident in every post. The growth of our home page is a reflection of Christophe’s experience and commitment, each day bringing more entertaining and informative editorial to our readers.”

Expedition Portal Home Page: expeditionportal.com

About Overland International, Inc.
Overland International, Inc. is the parent company for the Overland Journal magazine and the Expedition Portal website. As a media company, Overland International is the global authority on vehicle-based adventure travel, their team having 381 years of combined experience, including crossing all seven continents and visiting 144 countries by 4WD and adventure motorcycle. The company is a majority employee-owned business headquartered in Prescott, Arizona.

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