Expedition Portal Classifieds: Matzker Discovery

When the latest generation Discovery was released, I grabbed my torch and pitchfork like everyone else and made my way toward the bandwagon. But over the past few months, I have to admit that I’ve really fallen for the thing. It started when I saw a photo of Lucky 8’s D5 on steel wheels and mud-terrains, and the attraction was slowly reinforced by the various Discos I spotted rolling around town and on the trail. It’s amazing how much of an improvement even a set of all terrains and black accents can make, and that made me curious to see what one would look like with a few more modifications. Well, thanks to Matzker in Germany, I no longer have to wonder. They’re selling a fully equipped TD6 HSE, and while we would have done a few things differently, it’s still pretty cool. From a hidden winch to dual batteries, an auxiliary fuel tank, and undercarriage protection, this thing is loaded and ready for an adventure. Check it out below.

The lights recessed into the grill were a nice touch. At first glance, I thought they had simply stuck them out front, which would have been disappointing, but this solution is both sleek and effective.

One of my biggest beefs with this build is the crazy roof load. I guess they’re trying to mimic the D1’s classic overland lines, but let’s not ruin the amazing handling characteristics and fuel economy of this new truck. Those are some of the best reasons to purchase a newer model, besides reliability, comfort, capacity, and capability of course. Those are pretty good reasons, too.

Matzker accessories

  • Power increase TR6 (+45 hp / 70 Nm)
  • Electronic handling and off-road kit (-28 mm / + 30 mm)
  • Light alloy wheel spacer
  • Additional tank, 90-liter
  • Underride protection system
  • Integrated winch 3,600 kilogram
  • Four LED spotlights
  • Roof rack Expedition
  • Dual battery system, manual
  • LED worklight, 1.016 millimeters
  • Privacy glass
  • All-terrain 20-inch wheelset
  • Dc8 Decor bonnet
  • Side air intakes and grille in matte black
  • Complete wrapping in khaki/black (matte foil)

Additional equipment

  • Corris Gray Metallic
  • SBK seats: ebony, ebony/ebony, nimbus
  • InControl Connect Pro package
  • 3-zone air conditioning
  • Electronic extendable trailer coupling
  • Mirrors (automatically dimming), electrically heated, adjustable and foldable with ambient lighting
  • 20″ alloy of 10 double spokes, Style 1011
  • 7 seats
  • Electrically adjustable seats in the third row
  • Fit package, 4 seats in Windsor leather and 16 times (. 14-fold Electric) adjustable front seats with a memory function for the driver’s seat
  • Electric sunroof with two glass surfaces (glass roof front with sliding/tilting function) and electric sun visor.
  • Dark tinted windows from B-pillar
  • Steering column electrically adjustable
  • Full-size spare
  • Electrical tailgate with gesture control
  • Winter comfort package
  • Driving Assistance Package 1
  • Raucherpaket
  • Wood decor elements in Natural Charcoal Oak
  • Roof rails, black
Unfortunately, there is a catch. This particular truck is not US legal, but these parts are still available, and we’re starting to get excited about the idea of building a proper overland D5 here in the states. For now though, we will simply continue browsing the Land Rover website site and dreaming of our next journey with the green oval.
For more information on this truck, or Matzker accessories, visit the Matzker website here.

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