Expedition Portal Classifieds :: 2005 Tiger CX on a 4X4 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD

If you are looking to hit the road and full-time it for a bit, this 2005 Tiger CX can be your home on wheels. The chassis of this compact camper is a Chevy Silverado 2500 HD extended cab with an 8.1-liter engine. Owners Doug and Fran have driven this vehicle all over the Americas (a full six years of adventuring), and they put in a heap of work to make this Tiger a proper overlanding rig. Improvements include:

  • Underbody armor
  • Winch
  • On-board air
  • Front and rear lockers
  • Rear airbags
  • 400 watts of solar
  • 300 amp-hours of AGM house batteries
  • On-demand hot water
  • Aluminum storage boxes

The accessories mentioned above are in addition to the full galley and sleeping quarters that came standard in the Tiger. Check out the original forum post for the full vehicle specs.


From Doug:

“We bought this beast in 2011 and spent three years making improvements and taking trips in North America in it to see how the setup worked (including Alaska). It had everything we needed (with the exception of internet and laundry which are two things that are easy to find). We could live off the grid easily for about a week with solar panels, a generator, and a full tank of fresh water. We then did our big trip through the Americas and spent about six years on the road living in Tigger, our ’05 Tiger CX.

Travelling Latin America was an amazing experience and this rig allowed us to miss very little in the way of sites and wilderness. We enjoyed Mexico and all of Central America where we saw the Monarch butterfly migration, Mayan ruins, beaches (and more beaches), active volcanos, and some unique wildlife like toucans and sloths. After our drive to Panama, we put “Tigger” on a ship to Colombia while we took a sailboat through the San Blas Islands. On our trip through South America, Tigger took us from the continent’s most Northern point to the Western and Southern ones, across the Andes a few times, around the Atacama Desert, the Salar Uyuni, the Laguna Route, and into the Pantanal region of Brazil. We experienced so many amazing sites and lots of remote areas off the beaten path, finally exploring more of Brazil before returning to the US due to COVID. This was, for us, about as perfect a vehicle as you can get to do such an adventure.”


This 2005 Tiger CX/Chevy combo is currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and priced at $38,765. For questions or to make an offer, contact Doug via his original Expedition Portal Forum post.

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