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Discovering a secret motorcycle museum in France!

To me, one of the main advantage of traveling with your own vehicle is to discover hidden gems that are hard to find otherwise.

    Sometimes you are wondering or heading somewhere and you see something that attracts your attention – like a sign, a remote road, a certain sight.
    I was driving down to Avignon to see a friend last weekend when I saw a sign on the side of the road – “Musee du Velo et de la Motocyclette”.
    Being the proud owners of 2 motorcycles myself (KTM950 and Ducati Sport Classic 1000), and always curious to see the special attractions of a region, I had to stop by and take a look!


Remembering that we are France, not in the USA, I already knew I was going to see something different. And it was indeed.
The entire collection is displayed inside a large house – they refer to it as a castle but that is a bit of a stretch.

But no flashy neon signs, no giant parking, no bus – this is not Las Vegas.
I actually got very lucky as the opening hours are quite limited…

As soon as you step in, you are in a bit of shock.
The collection has obviously been here for a while, and everything is just parked here and there in what used to be the many rooms of the house.
The collection, as the house itself, could probably use a bit of maintenance.
The display includes the very first bicycle and tracks their evolution all the way to more modern motorcycles.
And it is all there, in a raw state, for you to enjoy…
Apparently the first all wheel drive tricycle/bicycle to feature low and high range! You can see the lever in the middle, for the rear passenger.
The front driver will use the pedals on the front wheel.

Ever watched the South Park episode when Mr. Garrison wants to replace airplanes…?
Riding IT

Another example of a 2-wheel drive bicycle. The front wheel is powered by a alternate movement of the front handle bar. Really.

Once the engine got popular, it did not take long for someone to figure out that adding an engine to a bicycle would be much more fun.

A full rows of antique motorcycle.

And then, that adding an engine with 4 cylinders would be even more fun!

Obviously, advertisements 75 years ago was targeting different “challenges” than today. For instance, a great feature of this model – a double suspension – will allow you to run over any object in your path, even a dog, while looking back at your boyfriend.


A timeless Indian 4.

Hybrid vehicles have been around for much longer than most people think…here is a fine example of a motorcycle powered by gas and coal.



Fortunately for us, this concept did not stick around too long…and eventually the Japanese developed the motorcycle a step further – pushing even to create oval pistons with 2 connecting rods.


So for those of you who finds themselves around Avignon, Provence (France) and want to do something a bit outside of the usual tourist path, I would highly suggest a visit to this place.
Chateau de Bosc
Musée de la Moto et du Vélo RN 100 30390 Domazan.