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Crossing Continents Episode Four – Tanzania :: Video

Crossing Continents Episode Four - Tanzania

For Crossing Continents episode four, Scott Brady continues his journey up the East of Africa, reconnecting with the Grenadier in Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam. In part one of his Tanzanian adventures, Scott is joined by his girlfriend, Tavia, who embarks on her first international journey, learning to drive a right-hand-drive vehicle and navigate the wilds of the backroads and national parks.

Tanzania is a massive and vibrant country with approximately 130 ethnic groups speaking over 120 different languages. From the romantic beaches and historic Stone Town in Zanzibar on the Indian Ocean to the jungled highlands along the shores of Lake Tanganyika and the vast plains of the Serengeti and Masi Mara in between, Tanzania offers seemingly every possible experience for the overlander in Africa.

Crossing Continents Episode Four - Tanzania

Of course, its storied national parks are the big draw for most travelers (despite their sky-high costs), and with good reason—all of the continent’s most important and charismatic species thrive there, including vast herds of zebra and Cape buffalo, apex predators like the African lion and leopard, and towering journeys of giraffes. You can also find engaging off-piste driving and secluded lodges serving some of the best coffee on the planet.

Tanzania’s incredible cultural diversity is also on full display across its vast interior reaches. Although most people visit this East African nation as guests of the many fully-catered safari outfits, it’s best seen behind the wheel of a well-prepared 4×4.

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Images: Scott Brady

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Stephan Edwards is the Associate Editor of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal. He and his wife, Julie, once bought an old Land Rover sight unseen from strangers on the internet in a country they'd never been to and drove it through half of Africa. After living in Botswana for two years, Stephan now makes camp at the foot of a round mountain in Missoula, Montana. He still drives that Land Rover every day. An anthropologist in his former life and a lover of all things automotive, Stephan is a staunch advocate for public lands and his writing and photography have appeared in Road & Track, Overland Journal, and Adventure Journal. Contact him at edwards@overlandinternational.com and @venturesomeoverland on Instagram.