Could eBussy be the Campervan of the Future?

eBussy from German manufacturer ElectricBrands is the electric cargo van we’ve been dreaming of. Its modular design is advertised to be (almost) infinitely customizable, offering both commercial and recreational appeal, with swappable bodies and batteries. But just how soon can we expect to see a real-life eBussy camper cruising down the highway? And what kind of systems and capability can we expect from this electric campervan of the future?


The ElectricBrands eBussy at a Glance

There is no denying that the concept EV eBussy looks like a futuristic Volkswagon bus. From its rounded contours to its circular headlights, it is simultaneously vintage and modern. ElectricBrands, the manufacturer of eBussy, says that they expect to offer worldwide vehicle delivery as soon as the third quarter of 2021. Take a look at website and find the greatest casino games to play.

eBussy is modular and can become many “different” vehicles, depending on the body that you choose. But before deciding which kit serves you best, you’ll want to begin with one of two chassis options: standard and off-road. The main difference? The off-road eBussy will have a “modified” chassis (no additional elaboration on that front), with 8-10 centimeters of additional ground clearance. Whether you choose standard or off-road, you’ll enjoy electronically controlled all-wheel drive which delivers over 1,000 Nm of torque from four independent electric motors.


Commercial or Recreational? eBussy is Both

One of the most intriguing design elements of eBussy is its swappable, chassis-independent modules, which make it functional as both a commercial and recreational vehicle. ElectricBrands describes their approach to design as the Lego principle. Once you have your chassis, you can swap the body of eBussy, effectively making it 10+ vehicles in one.

The basic, no-frills flatbed chassis starts at approximately 16,000 euros and can be outfitted with a whole host of bodies including a pickup/tipper (dump), combi, transporter, box/cargo, camper, or cabrio to name a few. Of course, all of these variants can be had on either the standard or offroad chassis. While ElectricBrands describes the process as easy, it would be safe to assume that swapping out the body of eBussy will most likely require some assistance from a dealership. Could we see free body swaps included with this futuristic vehicle? One can hope. Either way, the idea of swapping your camper body for a pickup bed to tackle a weekend project seems like the perfect use case for this real-life transformer.


eBussy Specs and Performance

While the following specs are subject to change between now and delivery, here’s what eBussy aims to deliver.


eBussy Range

When it comes to electric vehicles, one of the first questions on my mind is vehicle range. eBussy will come standard with eight battery modules providing 10 kilowatt-hours and 200 kilometers (124 miles) of driving. Clearly, this isn’t quite enough distance for an extended road trip, but it could be enough for last-mile deliveries in an urban setting. But thanks to its expandable design, eBussy can hold up to 24 battery modules, effectively giving it a 600-kilometer (372-mile) range. This additional battery capacity comes at a cost of 600 euros per battery module (that’s an additional 9,600 euros if you want maximum range).

Charging the batteries of eBussy will take anywhere from three to six hours via a 230-volt power source, but integrated solar panels on the roof and regenerative braking will augment power battery charging, giving eBussy a maximum (claimed) range of 800 kilometers under ideal conditions. ElectricBrands also plans to offer battery-swapping stations that reduce vehicle downtime for drivers who need to cover longer distances but don’t have time to charge.


eBussy Performance

eBussy advertises a load capacity of 400-1,000 kilograms, depending on which body is installed on the chassis. Electric motors on all four wheels produce 15 kilowatts of power which is delivered by a 10-30 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery bank that has a 1,000-charge lifecycle. The basic eBussy chassis will offer seating for two, with a capacity of up to four people (depending on the body). An eBussy XL model is currently planned for 2023 and will feature additional cargo or passenger capacity. A trailer hitch option will also be available but towing capacity has yet to be announced. eBussy will be approximately 12 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 6.5 feet tall.


eBussy Camper Body

I’m certainly a little biased here, but the eBussy body that has captured my attention most is the camper. It has a rear slide and a pop-top which appear to offer ample interior space. The camper module will come standard with a convertible couch, refrigerator, television, HOB (kitchen), freshwater tank, and sink. Sadly, no additional details have been provided at this time, but the current sbobet renderings look charming.




Learn more or reserve your very own eBussy on the ElectricBrands website.

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