Celebrate National Public Lands Day With onX

Our Public Lands are a national treasure, and it is up to every one of us to join in taking responsibility for the care and protection of our most precious asset. Not only will we all benefit from the nurturing and rehabilitation of this land, but future generations will also reap the rewards. There are a few ways we can contribute; we should treat the land with the respect it deserves whenever we are out exploring as individuals, and we could also come together with like-minded people to share the responsibility.

To celebrate National Public Lands Day on September 24, 2022, onX friends and ambassadors like Conrad Anker, Jana Waller, Cody Townsend, Mike Foote, and Luke Takahashi reflect on how Public Lands have impacted them and take the opportunity to encourage all outdoor enthusiasts to do the same. onX and its ambassadors seek to inspire all users of these precious lands to enjoy their favorite outdoor places and help steward them, offering a collection of resources to plan individual and group cleanups and support nonprofits who are making an impact.

onX, a pioneer in digital mapping and navigation technology, recently brought together a coalition of hunters, dirt bikers, backcountry skiers, and ultra-runners. The event, called Shared Ground, encouraged conversations around how public land is a vital resource for all types of users and concluded that, by uniting, we can achieve more to protect our outdoor experiences than we ever could as individuals or separate groups.

“You have a personal responsibility to take care of that land that you’re enjoying. We as individuals have to remember not to make that big of an imprint on the land. Stewardship also means passing that on and just getting out there and enjoying it. Because if people enjoy it and understand all the beautiful places they get to go, then they’re going to do what they can to protect it.”

said host and producer at Skull Bound TV and onX Hunt Ambassador Jana Waller.

Established in 1994 and held annually on the fourth Saturday in September, National Public Lands Day has in the past proven to be the nation’s largest single-day volunteer effort that celebrates the connection between people and green space in their community. The effort inspires environmental stewardship and encourages the use of open space for education, recreation, and health benefits, but those shared places aren’t always easily identified, nor is it always clear how outdoor enthusiasts can help protect them.

To inspire its audience, onX created an interactive infographic on what types of public lands exist, and onX members can use their apps to identify their closest shared landscapes. The company also compiled a list of resources, including the National Environmental Education Foundation’s local event guide, a trail cleanup planning guide, and a Masterclass on organizing group cleanups. If volunteering isn’t possible, onX shared a few of its favorite outdoor nonprofits, like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which are improving wildlife habitats, leading stewardship efforts, and increasing access to public lands.

To see everything onX has compiled for National Public Lands Day and to watch onX Ambassadors discuss the impact that public lands have had on them at onxmaps.com

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