Born Outdoor Badger Bed

As a kid, I remember going on our annual quail trip and seeing a bedroll for the first time. I was intrigued and immediately wanted one, as it was thicker, more comfortable, and definitely easier to put away than my sleeping bag and tent. Most people conjure an image of a canvas-wrapped pad with leather belt-style lashing secured to a horse saddle, and that’s not far off the mark. The Badger Bed by Born Outdoor is an updated take on that idea and reintroduced my fascination for this all-in-one sleep system.

The Badger Bedroll is ideal for getting all your bedding needs rolled up into one place and is best used for car camping or overlanding. In my experience, it is helpful to plan ahead for your adventure and pre-pack your bedding to suit the environment in which you’re headed. Although it is meant to be the base for an all-in-one system, its versatility lends itself to adding items you might already own. Here are two must-haves to complete the bedroll: sleeping pad and choice of bedding—that’s it.

Weighing in at 6.6 pounds, the bedroll is constructed of 100 percent recycled 600 denier poly oxford ripstop fabric with a C6 DWR TPU-coating, meaning it is extremely durable and weather resistant. When fully unrolled, it measures 36 x 5 x 82 inches, with a 10-inch diameter when rolled. The bed’s top layer has a two-way stretch fabric that is both soft and breathable. The heavy-duty YKK zippers that surround the top layer are great for closing up your blankets and pillows once the bed is set up. The 5-inch-tall, foam-filled sidewalls provide structural support and have been reinforced by sewing the foam in place. The bedroll’s adaptability to most air mattresses (up to 30 inches) is provided by an elastic band on all four corners which has a silicone treatment to allow grip and reduce sliding of the mattress.

Unrolling the bed is very easy and achieved by unhooking the 3 G-hooks that keep the bed rolled. After that, you simply unroll the bed, inflate your mattress, and you’re ready to go. One of my favorite things about the Badger Bed is the ability to zip up the outer shell. This helps to keep the bugs and critters out, not to mention that your blankets stay in place. An optional piece of gear from Born Outdoor that I found to be very helpful was the footprint. The footprint has brass snaps that connect to four straps on each corner of the bedroll allowing the bed to stay clean and dry without needing to wipe off the debris that would otherwise be collected from the ground.

I could not find a single thing to dislike about this bed system. It is well made, easy to use, and not too big. The price will cause some to take pause, though. As tested, the sleep system’s cost is $1,244, but if you have your own pad, blankets, and sheets, the price could be significantly reduced.

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