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ARB’s Zero Fridge Line Has Dual Zones, Can Hold Up To 144 Cans, and Pulls 2.9 Amps

SEMA is here, and with it, a slew of new product releases from brands big and small. We’ve seen several awesome unveilings thus far, but one that caught our eye right away was a new line of fridges from ARB they’re calling the Zero. Besides a tough color-scheme and design, these new fridges boast two independently controlled zones that can be operated as a fridge on one side and a freezer on the other, while consuming 2.9AH in the 73-quart model and 3.1 AH in their massive 101-quart. Just to put those fridge sizes into perspective, the smaller of the two can hold 108 cans of soda or beer, while the larger can hold a ridiculous 144 cans.

In addition to the dual-compartment layout and relatively low power draw, the Zero line will boast a range of other features that make them more enjoyable to use on a daily basis. A removable internal basket system, for example, will help keep things organized while making the fridge easier to load without leaving the lid open. An interior LED light turns on to help you see at night, a USB port is integrated for charging devices, and a Bluetooth app will let you keep an eye on things without having to run over and check the fridge throughout the day. I especially loved the inclusion of a reversible lid and power ports on both sides of the fridge,  along with standard reinforced tie-down points, a combination which expands mounting positions substantially.

We are still waiting on the full press release from ARB. But from the preview we’ve seen at the SEMA show, this is going to be a serious contender in the fridge market and a great option for anyone looking for dual-zone capacity without massive power consumption.

To watch for updates, check out the ARB USA website here. 

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