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ARB Introduces New Old Man Emu MT64 Shock Absorber Engineered for Overlanding

Old Man Emu MT64 Shock Absorber

It is not often enough that we get properly excited by the introduction of a new product, but any new Old Man Emu product is the reason for enthusiasm. ARB’s renowned Old Man Emu brand, a global pioneer in off-road suspension systems with a rock-solid reputation, has unveiled a new shock absorber explicitly crafted to withstand the challenges posed by overland travel, and we can’t wait to test it in the real world. The MT64 model, positioned between the iconic Nitrocharger and the high-performance adjustable BP-51, is designed to fulfill everyday driving needs and rugged overland expeditions, as both on and off-road damping performance is equally important. Control is everything!

Old Man Emu MT64 Shock Absorber

Old Man Emu has drawn from 45 years of Nitrocharger expertise and a decade of ultra-high-performance BP-51 manufacturing to create the MT64. This amalgamation combines the reliable set-and-forget nature of the Nitrocharger and the BP-51’s adaptability with remote reservoirs, capable of enduring the harshest conditions and heavy loads all day long. By melding attributes from both predecessors, the MT64 embodies a monotube shock that excels in various terrains. Designed to manage heavy loads, long-haul treks, rugged paths, and elevated temperatures, the configurable MT64 dampers are designed to be ideally suited for overlanding and adventurous travels. ARB claims that the MT64 elevates comfort standards and offers remarkable responsiveness, whether towing on paved roads or conquering challenging off-road landscapes.

Old Man Emu MT64 Shock Absorber

According to the ARB press release, the MT64 had to endure stringent testing to make the grade, and before constructing a single shock absorber, Old Man Emu’s in-house engineers subjected their designs to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations, replicating real-world conditions. This proactive approach identified potential weak points in the design, which were then rectified to ensure optimal strength and durability from the outset. As part of the design process, extensive field testing was conducted at the Old Man Emu facility near Melbourne, Australia. Prototype shock absorbers underwent millions of cycles, gathering data from authentic, real-world scenarios.

The MT64 features the same robust 6061 aluminum construction found in the premium BP-51 models. These models have a durable hard anodized finish that safeguards the shock’s surface. The monotube shocks boast generous 2.8 inch bodies and large bores. This larger bore design enables the shocks to hold a greater amount of oil, resulting in enhanced heat dissipation and responsiveness. This effect is particularly pronounced when coupled with the aluminum body.

Old Man Emu MT64 Shock Absorber

The MT64 offers height adjustability ranging from zero to three inches (depending on the application). This adjustment is achieved through snap-ring grooves positioned in the body, providing various spring seat configurations. Notably, this system utilizes a single spring. The spring seat is constructed from exceptionally strong forged aluminum to ensure maximum durability.

Users can select from a range of spring options, including light, medium, and heavy-duty variants ensuring the optimal setup for their specific vehicles.

We reached out to the ARB marketing department to confirm the pricing of the MT64 and they advised:

  • The price per shock and strut is $410.00 (excl. coil springs) for the Tacoma 4Runner and FJ Cruiser;
  • A set of OME front coil spring is $214.00 ($107 per coil spring);
  • An OME top hat can be purchased for $78.00;
  • For a full strut assembly using our own OME top hat would be $556 per corner.


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