ARB Bushranger Exhaust Jack

Up up and away! The latest version of ARB’s Bushranger is the inflatable saviour we all need. This ingenious recovery solution has a long history in Australia, and in the words of ARB, ‘is an essential piece of equipment that should never be far away in case of emergency.’ Well, the company has taken this already-proven method and created an exhaust jack that is ‘designed and engineered to perfection.’

These are big claims, but like most ARB products, it’s backed by rigorous testing and impressive statistics. The Bushranger may flat-pack in a compact carry bag, but it boasts an impressive 4,400 pounds lifting capacity and 30 inches of lift. However, unlike a farm/Hi-Lift jack, it’s more stable and better suited to sand, mud, snow, or soft ground (although I’d still recommend having a secondary fail-safe in place). Moreover, it’s not complicated to use, and there are no moving parts, which prevents jamming or seizing. Simply attach the supplied funnel to the exhaust, start your engine, and have your vehicle free from a bog in seconds (the jack can also be inflated using an air compressor). The Bushranger comes with three protective mats that should be used to shield it from sharp objects, and ARB stresses the importance of taking time to ensure the jack is placed in a safe position before inflating.

The ARB Bushranger is a great option for anyone who takes an active interest in overlanding/4WDs. The ability to recover your vehicle is essential if you plan to venture into the wilderness, and having rated equipment that can get you out of trouble is crucial. The more safety protocols you have in place, the better, and the modest packed dimensions, ease of use, and impressive performance make it a great choice for any trip. I think this is a brilliant product, and whilst I’ve not had the opportunity to field test, I’m confident in ARB’s reputation for quality. Thus, I’ll be adding a Bushranger to my recovery gear for upcoming adventures.

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