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Amy and Buck Complete 21,000 Mile Lap of China

A few months ago we reported on a trip in progress called the Great Ride of China. Adventurers Amy and Buck were attempting to ride their way into the Guinness Book of World Records by completing the largest motorcycle trip in a single country. In September they were just 60 days and 6,000 miles into their projected 20,000 mile epic. Three weeks ago after 146 days on the road, they finally completed their massive lap of China having logged more than 21,000 miles.

Visiting all of China’s 33 provincial regions, Amy and Buck traversed a dizzying array of landscapes from the Taklamakan desert in Xinjiang to the upper slopes of the Himalayan mountains at Everest base camp. Their route took them through the lush tropical zones of the south and some of the largest cities on earth. Riding a 650cc CFMMOTO two-up, they rode many surfaces normally reserved for full-blown adventure bikes.

More than just a fun lap around a massive country, Amy and Buck also managed to use the trip to raise more than $11,000 for China-based charity, Lunch for Children. Lots of people make big plans to set out and do something bold; few follow through. From all of us at Expedition Portal, we congratulate Amy and Buck on a trip well done. 

For more information and to view the hundreds of images documenting their journey, visit their website:  www.greatrideofchina.com

Christophe Noel is a journalist from Prescott, Arizona. Born into a family of backcountry enthusiasts, Christophe grew up backpacking the mountains and deserts of the American West. An avid cyclist and bikepacker, he also has a passion for motorcycles, travel, food and overlanding.