American Expedition Vehicles Releases the Prospector XL

We’ve all seen, and probably drooled over, the AEV Prospector. Those of you who read our review of it here will know that it’s essentially a beefed up version of a Ram 2500, but it includes the looks, fine tuning, and off-road prowess that only American Expedition Vehicles can provide. Over the past two years their 40″ tire monstrosities have driven the overgrown trails of Arizona, conquered the rocks of moab, and plowed through the snow and ice of the arctic to prove their mettle, and now all the testing will finally pay off with the official release of the AEV Prospector XL.


“The Prospector XL is designed for the overland adventure travelers and recreational explorers who require a full-size truck that is extremely capable off-road, has the ability to tow heavy loads and still maintains exceptional driving characteristics on the road.” – AEV Website

The XL doesn’t just up the ante on the standard Prospector, it goes all in with a slew of their existing RAM accessories, plus 40″ tires and all the equipment to support them. What does that entail? Well we’ve put together a little list of the standard features below.

  • AEV Premium Front Bumper
  • AEV Heat Reduction Hood
  • AEV HighMark Fender Flares
  • Fog Lights
  • AEV DualSport Suspension
  • AEV Katla Wheels
  • 40″ Toyo Open Country M/T Tires
  • PSC Hydraulic Assist Steering Kit
  • AEV Windshield Banner
  • AEV Prospector XL Badging
  • AEV Instrument Cluster Badging
  • Black Grille
  • Black Rear Bumper
  • Black Fender Flares
  • AEV Logo Headrests
  • AEV Build Plaque
  • AEV Warranty



From this already impressive base package buyers can continue to customize the vehicle with different wheels, various lights, a raised air intake, back up cameras, new gears, a winch, lockers, two special AEV leather interiors, and more. But let’s be honest, there are plenty of accessories offered by other companies that cost less money, so what makes these so special? It’s simple, AEV designs of all their components to deliver better than factory performance, while staying within the critical tolerances developed by RAM ‘s engineers. Here we have a truck that not only runs 40″ tires, but optimizes the steering geometry at the same time for better handling. The suspension improves off-road comfort, but it retains towing capacity and road manners of a truck that just rolled off the lot. It’s hood definitely improves the look, but it also dissipates heat more effectively, and the list goes on.




Alright, so what do they cost? Well the “base” package of standard features listed above comes in at a cool $17,354. That of course does not include the truck, which starts at $34,800 for a 4×4 tradesmen, or $45,225 for a double cab 4×4 Lone Star. From there it’s all a matter of how many fun goodies you want on the trail. Needless to say a Prospector XL won’t be winning any awards for affordability, but for those considering a new Land Rover or a 200 Series Land Cruiser, they will hit the price point perfectly.

To learn more about these awesome trucks, visit the AEV website here. You’ll find plenty of information, loads of pictures, and of course more ways to spend your money than you had ever known was possible.


Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Chris didn’t receive a real taste of the outdoors until moving to Prescott, Arizona, in 2009. While working on his business degree, he learned to fly and spent his weekends exploring the Arizona desert and high country. It was there that he fell in love with backcountry travel and four-wheel drive vehicles, eventually leading him to Overland Journal and Expedition Portal. After several years of honing his skills in writing, photography, and off-road driving, Chris now works for the company full time as Expedition Portal's Senior Editor while living full-time on the road.