All New Method 704 Bead Grip Wheels

It is difficult to imagine, but one of humanities oldest innovations, the wheel, continues to evolve. Principally, companies like Method are finding ways to make them stronger, lighter, and more effective for use in the dirt.

The wheels are available in titanium and black

With their new 704 wheel, Method has integrated several new design features, along with a rugged appearance. The wheel is constructed from A356 aluminum that is heat treated to T6. Most important is the new bead grip technology that combines an inner safety ridge (i.e. hump) and their patented grooves that help to retain the tire carcass at the bead. While we do not expect this will allow for (generally) lower pressures, it should help improve bead and pressure retention under side loads and while turning in the sand, etc. at trail pressures. This is a useful technology that will be particularly beneficial in the dunes and snow, etc.

The new 704s are available in a titanium and black powdercoated finish and in five or six lug configurations with a 2,650 lb rating per wheel. The eight lug models have a 3,640 pound rating, which will be suitable for most camper/full-size applications. They are shown with options for a 15″, 16″, and 17″ wheel diameter and widths ranging from 7″ to 8.5″.  Fortunately, the wheels retain a proper backspacing for handling predictability. They are expected to be available for purchase by the end of February or early March. 

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