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AEV Front Receiver for the 2021+ Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and In-bed Winch Cradle Carrier

AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) has “become the world’s premier supplier of OE-quality, performance-driven aftermarket parts, and accessories for vehicles geared specifically to off-road recreational driving and overland adventure travel.” Their latest products showcase practical yet innovative solutions to anyone seeking to fit and store a winch on their 2021+ Chevrolet Colorado ZR2.

Sometimes less is more, and whilst a beefy uprated bumper has its benefits, they’re also heavy and sometimes overkill. The AEV receiver offers owners the ability to fit a winch without requiring a new heavy-duty bumper. The company states that the “updated one-piece fascia on the 2021+ ZR2 can’t be modified enough for an integrated winch mount to fit behind it without compromising structural integrity, leaving customers with basically one option—replace the front bumper.” The AEV front receiver is a simple solution that solves this problem and allows ZR2 owners to use any winch/cradle combo they wish. The receiver attaches directly to the front frame rails and is designed to fit behind the front fascia without having to perform any major modifications. This additionally gives you the flexibility to use your winch in either the front or rear of the vehicle, provided the truck is equipped with a trailer hitch and front/rear quick-connect wiring (available from Warn). The installation only requires minor modifications to the lower part of the fascia to allow access to the two-inch receiver, and any brand winch/winch cradle will work with the AEV front receiver, but it must be rated appropriately for the vehicle (AEV recommends a winch for at least 9,000 pounds). If you’re planning on removing your winch when not in use, then you’ll need somewhere safe to store it, and AEV has just the answer.

The Colorado in-bed winch cradle carrier is the ideal storage option for Colorado owners using an AEV front receiver with a Warn Multi-mount Winch Carrier. The company states: “A winch and cradle carrier are HEAVY, so having it securely mounted is extremely important, both on and off-road.” The in-bed cradle carrier sits at the forwardmost part of the bed and is mounted vertically above the wheel, thus reducing its impact on cargo space. Designed for ease of use, the winch cradle sits upright on one end so it can simply be “rocked” in and out of its locked position without any chance of dropping it on your bed/foot. Finally, there’s even a spot to thread in the star knob so it doesn’t get lost when the cradle is in use. It is important to note that this product is designed for a Warn multi-mount winch carrier but may also fit other brands that follow the same shape and dimensions.

These two new products from AEV offer a cost-effective and practical solution for any Colorado ZR2 owners looking to safely fit and store a winch on their truck.

AEV, 2021+ Colorado ZR2 Front Receiver $600/In-bed Winch Cradle Carrier $250 | aev-conversions.com

Full Specifications:
2021+ Colorado ZR2 Front Receiver
Fits 2021+ Colorado ZR2
Frame-mounted, front 2-inch receiver
Accepts any slide-in winch cradle
Allows for front and rear winching options
AEV In-bed winch cradle carrier sold separately
Trim bezel included for a professional-looking installation
Proudly made in the USA

In-bed Winch Cradle Carrier
Fits 2015+ Colorado/Canyon
Secure, in-bed mounting for a Warn multi-mount winch carrier
User-friendly design
Will not interfere with bed rack systems
Proudly made in the USA