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Act Quickly and Get FREE Parts for Your Primus Stove with “Service for a Reason”

This month, Swedish stove manufacturer Primus is offering free stove replacement parts through its Service for a Reason sustainability initiative. “We encourage you to use this pre-season as an opportunity to troubleshoot and test your Primus Multi-fuel or Backpacking stove. If your current inline stove needs a part replaced because it is worn out, let us know.”

All you need to do is fill out this quick form, and if your stove and requested part meets the parameters set forth by Primus, they’ll ship out your replacement parts, free of charge. Why would Primus offer this free service? Well, they’ve been making portable stoves for over 130 years and during that time they’ve learned a few things.

“We are convinced that it’s better to repair than replace,” says Primus, “even if your Primus stove is several years old. This is why we strive to design our stoves in a way that allows you to perform the service or repair yourself. In fact, we encourage you and your Primus stove to enjoy a life-long partnership, and we are here to help you.”

The Service for a Reason initiative is also part of a bigger move toward a more sustainable approach to business. We live in a culture of convenience, where we can have just about whatever we want within a few days. But the downside to this immediate fulfillment of wants is that we often just as easily dispose of things that no longer work instead of investing the time to fix or repair them.

“With the current state of the environment, more people than ever have shown interest in sustainable brands/products and are interested in maintaining and repairing their belongings when they wear out.”

“While human life expectancy has increased drastically the past 100 years, life expectancy of the products around us appear to decrease. We know that between 55% and 65% of greenhouse emissions come from the handling of material, resources and products from cradle to grave. By extending the life of our products, it has a substantial positive impact on the climate and environment.”

This promotion only lasts through March 31, 2021, so you’ll want to act quickly to keep your stove in good working order.


Check out Service for a Reason for more information about this opportunity.


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