A New Overland Vehicle From Kia?

It’s abundantly clear that adventure sells these days. Advertisements featuring foreign landscapes and hip traveling couples are the new norm, and the number of vintage four-wheel drives and motorcycles appearing in imagery is downright staggering. With everyone jumping on this bandwagon, it’s easy to understand why auto-manufacturers are engaging with the overland market at an unbelievable rate, but we still hadn’t expected this. At New York Fashion Week, Brandon Maxwell unveiled aTexas-themedd runway collection that featured an overland concept vehicle from none other than Kia. The manufacturer’s bold move surprised us, but not nearly as much as the fact that we actually liked it.

It’s called the Telluride, a luxury SUV slated to be released sometime in 2020, and officially unveiled at the New York International Auto Show. Setting its unknown trail capability aside, we have to admit that we’re digging the vehicle’s vibes. The deep-green paint looks excellent on the modern lines, and the snorkel, rear tire carrier, black wheels, and all-terrain tires give it just enough grunt to look balanced. Of course, the leather straps holding down the hood are absolutely ridiculous (it’s a truck, not a suitcase) but we can forgive that since they included a sleek hidden winch bumper AND integrated recovery points. There are also skid plates, side steps, and a custom rear bumper to match the front.

The interior features a look you would expect from a Texas-themed truck: beautiful wood accents, stars, and double-stitched leather in earthy tones.

On Kia’s concept site, the Telluride is stated to be powered by a combined hybrid electric V-6 producing 400 total horsepower and an “advanced all-wheel drive system.” Unfortunately, the AWD part means these accessories will probably never come to market, as the truck beneath them will likely lack the drivetrain to justify them. Still, it’s fun to see Kia’s team branching in this direction, especially for a vehicle that will be produced here in the USA.

To learn more, visit Kia’s website here. 

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