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  • A 1914 Ford Model T Believed to be The World’s oldest Motorhome is up for Sale!

A 1914 Ford Model T Believed to be The World’s oldest Motorhome is up for Sale!

Have you ever wished you could see the world from your sofa? For a predicted auction sale price of $23-35,000, that dream could be a reality. Forget seeing the world in a set of perfectly ergonomic, fully adjustable, powered and heated Scheel-mann seats, a real lord or lady sees the world sitting bolt upright on a plush Chesterfield-esque leather sofa.

This stately 1914 Ford Model T motorhome was commissioned by a wealthy British family shortly before WW I and features everything you need for a weekend in the Cotswolds. Forget a lightweight aluminum composite interior. That’s bloody awful. What a person of taste requires is a set of heavy wooden cabinets, a wood-burning stove, bunk beds that sleep four, dining table, and of course, green velvet curtains. Additionally, there’s pine flooring and lockers beneath the floor and to the rear of the camper for travel essentials such as one’s ball gowns, croquet set, and jousting lance.

You’re probably wondering what sort of monster motor powers this rolling mansion. It’s a 2.9-liter inline four-cylinder engine producing an astonishing 20 horsepower, which is a lot of horses when you consider most drawn carriages of the time settled for 2-4 steeds. This rocket ship can reach speeds of 45 mph which won’t be terrifying in a crosswind on its meaty 3.5-inch wide wooden artillery wheels. If that isn’t enough, this hardcore round-the-world expedition machine comes with a suite of recovery gear to ensure you’re never left in a pickle. Winch? No. Hi-Lift jack? Not needed. Tools of any kind? Pffft. A sir or madam need only wit and the works of Shakespeare. Instead, you’ll find a spare wheel, fuel can, spark plugs, and a selection of oil lamps that your butler can use to assess the damage.

So, there you have it. You really can see the world from the comfort of your couch and without a single compromise. It’s safe to say we British really do know a thing or two about overlanding. If you’d like to know more about this masterpiece of engineering then head over to bonhams.com.

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