790 Adventure Returns to KTM Lineup for 2024

KTM’s 790 Adventure has returned from the grave for 2024, but this is no Zombie-cycle. Changes to several areas breathe new life into the retired machine, improving its overall performance while making it easier to enjoy and easier on the planet. Spoiler: $10,990 buys a lot of motorcycle.

KTM Motor Mods

Known for its quick power and heady torque, the 790 Adventure’s LC8c twin was a favorite of the go-fast crowd. For 2024 KTM made a few improvements to what they call “rideability,” or smoothing out engine response at low rpm and low speeds. To do so, they increased rotating mass by 20% while maintaining the agile ride the 790 is known for. Re-worked throttle bodies produce more efficient fueling and a knock sensor allows use of lower octane fuel when necessary to keep you piling on the miles. A new exhaust system with a pre-muffler and catalytic converter are key to meeting new emission standards. Also new is the airbox, allowing the motor to suck in more air with less work. None of this affects service intervals, which remain at 9,300 miles.

Getting power to the ground dependably is just as important as making it in the first place. In this regard, KTM overhauled the power assist slipper clutch, installing new friction plates for longer life. Riders choosing the quick-shifter option will the find the unit finessed compared to the 2021 version. There’s no word on a change to torque or horsepower numbers, so we’ll assume they stay the same at a claimed 64.9 lb-ft and 95 hp.

790 Adventure Tech Tuneup

What’s an update without some new bits in the tech department? KTM looked to the bigger bikes in their adventure line for inspiration, borrowing the Inertia Management Unit used in the 890 Adventure and others. Featuring the latest 6D sensor, this moto-brain determines lean angle, speed, tire slip, and other parameters to inform a host of onboard systems how to react. Its beneficiaries include traction control, ABS, motor slip regulation, and ride modes. A nice plus is not having to fiddle with ABS programs when changing riding modes as in older models. The new box automatically switches to Offroad ABS in the Offroad and optional Rally modes.

A Long, Smooth Ride

The 790’s 43 millimeter WP Apex forks received an update to improve handling for adventure riders. They still provide 7.9 inches of travel, as does the unchanged preload adjustable rear shock. Seat height is a reasonable 33 inches, thanks to “clever positioning of the rear shock.” The KTM’s 5.3 gallon fuel tank is a distance rider’s dream, providing serious travel potential. When your buddies run dry at 200 miles, the 790 Adventure will still be humming along.

As expected, KTM promises to have a host of PowerParts available for the 790 Adventure. The bike comes complete with a “light” aluminum skid plate, which should be fine for gravel and graded dirt roads. The tires are more dirt-worthy as well. KTM moved from tubeless Avon Trailriders to more aggressive Pirelli Scorpion STR skins, also tubeless.

790 Adventure Cockpit Changes

The revived 790 Adventure received updated looks as well as performance, but KTM didn’t stop at “bold new graphics.” The 2024 integrated fairing has new graphics for sure, this time molded-in for durability. Two forged aluminum braces stiffen the cockpit surrounds, which support a higher, wider windscreen and LED headlights.

Behind the fairing is new 5-inch, full color TFT display that responds to ambient light and boasts improved information graphics for “faster and easier customization.” It also features all of the KTMconnect app functions enjoyed by KTM’s larger ADV machines, such as profiling the top 10 calls and contacts and adjusting the parameters of turn-by-turn guidance on the go.

No Surprises Here

The 2024 KTM 790 Adventure edition comes in black or white, but there’s still enough orange splashed about that no one will mistake the 790 Adventure for another brand.

Will there be a 790 Adventure R coming as well? There are rumors, but as of now it’s not likely as KTM discontinued the plain-Jane 890 here in the States, offering only the full-on R model and the exclusive R Rally. The 2024 KTM 790 ADVENTURE will arrive at authorized KTM dealerships just in time to rev in the new year.

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