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What is Hot Stamped Boron Steel?

When AEV and Chevrolet released their ZR2 Bison (which you can read about here), there were some very excited comments made about their new hot-stamped boron steel components. We basically got the gist that they were supposed to be stronger and lighter than traditional steel, but the rest of the details were a bit fuzzy. Thankfully, American Expedition Vehicles’ president and founder, Dave Harriton, decided to appease our curious minds by releasing a video explaining this cool material and how they’ve used it to improve four-wheel drive accessories. Check it out below!

What is Hot Stamped Boron Steel? AEV's Dave Harriton Explains

Since the news broke about the ZR2 Bison, a lot have people have been asking us about Hot Stamped Boron Steel. What is it? How is it different than regular stamped steel? What are the advantages? In this video, AEV’s Founder and President, Dave Harriton explains the features and benefits of Hot Stamped Boron Steel and how AEV is implementing this innovative technology to once again raise the bar, producing the highest quality bumpers and skid plates anywhere in the aftermarket. #AEV #ProvenWorldwide

Posted by American Expedition Vehicles – AEV on Tuesday, 16 October 2018

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