Overland Classified :: Vintage 1973 BMW R75/5 Toaster

Vintage 1973 BMW R75/5 Toaster
94,798 miles

There lives in many a motorcyclist’s heart the desire for a vintage motorcycle, and this impeccable-looking 1973 BMW Toaster looks like a fun, eye-catching town ride!

1973 BMW R75/5 Toaster


Vintage 1973 BMW R75/5 Toaster


Vintage 1973 BMW R75/5 Toaster

As there aren’t any specs in the ad found here, let’s go over some of the finer points on this motorcycle.

R/5 models come with air-cooled, four-stroke, boxer engines. The reversed arrangement of the camshaft below the crankshaft allows for better ground clearance and a well-balanced center of gravity. The R75/5 model comes with a single-disk dry clutch, a 12-volt alternator and electrics, a standard tachometer and turn signals, and telescopic front forks.

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R75/5 Toaster


The Toaster’s 50 horsepower, 6,400 rpm power, and 58 newton-meters of torque is more than exciting enough to turn that boring work commute into an exhilarating ride. I’d also love to take one of these on a long-weekend exploration of some quiet, scenic roads. The fuel tank capacity is unclear at either 4.7 gallons or 6.3. Tires are 19 inches in the front and 18 inches in the rear.

For more information, contact the owner through their ad on ADVrider.

BMW has been making motorcycles under the Motorrad brand since 1923, and their production of boxer or “flat-twin” engines continue to be manufactured today. The advantages of these engines are their low center of gravity, smoother rides, and easy access for maintenance.

These engines can be expensive to maintain, but having ridden a BMW motorcycle around the world and for years afterward, I’ve never once had a problem with both the F 800 GS and the G 650 GS.

Hurry on over to the for sale ad, as this classic Toaster is likely to get snatched up soon.

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