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Video of the Week: The New VW California

Van life is booming, and the poster child for this craze remains the VW Vanagon and Bus. The Westfalia packages in particular have ascended to unreal levels of popularity thanks to their pop-top roofs and camper interiors, but the purchase and ownership processes are laden with issues. For starters, these vehicles are all several decades old now, and their reliability is less than favorable. Then there’s the current market price, which if we’re honest is a bit insane.

To meet this continued demand for camper vans, VW introduced the California, a modern version of their legendary classic that looks amazing. Modern materials, loads of creature comforts, and it even comes in all-wheel drive. Yet, despite naming it the California, you can’t actually buy one here in the States. Sigh.

Yet all hope is not lost. It took quite some time for the German Manufacturer to figure out we wanted a bigger SUV, and they hit the bulls-eye with the Atlas. Hopefully with enough interest and demand, they might put two and two together to give us the vehicle we all REALLY want here in the US. One can at least hope right? In the meantime, check out this beautiful van and what it has to offer on this well done review from Jalopnik.

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