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Video of the Week :: Only a Roadtrip Away “The Perfect Camp Spot”

Only a RoadTrip Away, a.k.a David and Lotte, are a German couple perhaps best known for their international adventures in George, a 1991 Range Rover Classic. In 2019 I was fortunate enough to spend some time with them exploring some of the lesser-known spots in the Lofoten Islands, Norway. It was during this trip that professional filmmaker David set out to define The Perfect Camp Spot.

David is, without a doubt, one of the most talented storytellers, photographers, and filmmakers I’ve ever met. His work is exceptional with the opening scenes of this episode demonstrating his ability to produce cinematic visuals accompanied by inspiring and informative narratives. If that wasn’t enough he’s an amazing mechanic and engineer who built George and many other unique vehicles from the ground up (including this Overland Rallye Build – Porsche 924).

So, what makes the perfect camp spot? First, David pitches the question to yours truly, and despite multiple takes and a huge amount of rambling, I get no closer to answering the question. David, sympathetically, concludes that describing the perfect camp spot in any reasonable number of words is almost impossible. Instead, he offers a selection of considerations in the hope that it may guide others to find their own.

The guide begins with “Beauty” stating: “that for many people beauty is the most important thing in an ideal camp spot.” However, he’s quick to point out that: “if you’re traveling for recreational purposes then yes every night has to be spectacular, but if you’re like us, or Jack, it’s more about finding a home for each and every night.” He concludes: “beauty is more about where you feel comfortable than where you can take the best picture. If you can take a great photo that’s a bonus.” This is swiftly followed by an “Intermission” which stresses the importance of responsible camping and that “just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.” This is a topic close to my heart as wild camp spots are increasingly closed off due to people being disrespectful of their surroundings. Please, please, please, leave camp spots better than you found them. Next up is the “Little Things” i.e. the small considerations that don’t apply to a single-night stay, but are important if you wish to stay longer. These include access to water, firewood, dry ground, and more. The final chapter is titled “Weather” in which David points out that while a location may be visually stunning, we should always check conditions and decide if it’s suitable/safe.

The video concludes with the couple camped in a truly breathtaking spot in Lofoten where he bluntly states: “We’re probably going to be miserable here because rain and wind are coming our way. We have no other place and that’s the last piece of advice I’m going to give you. Sometimes you stay somewhere even though not everything is quite perfect.”

If you’d like to follow along with Only a Roadtrip Away then check out their website, Youtube, and Instagram.

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