TReK’s Triumphant Return

That’s right, after 16 long years, the TReK competition is back! In honor of the reintroduction of the Defender to Land Rover’s lineup, the brand has revived the legendary event which followed the Camel Trophy in 1996. Like the original TReK, the 2020 event will pit Land Rover retail staff and technicians across the US and Canada against one another in a match of endurance, wit, navigation, teamwork, and driving skill. A total of 53 teams will compete in the two-day competition, which is comprised of a preliminary qualifying event and final challenge.

“With the return of the Land Rover Defender in 2020, we are thrilled to bring back the TReK competition to put our vehicles—and the skills of our retailers—to the ultimate test,” said Kim McCullough, Vice President of Marketing, Jaguar Land Rover North America. “This competition is a great way to engage our retailer network, push their off-road driving skills to the max, and have some fun.”

The vehicle lineup for this year’s qualifying event in Asheville, North Carolina, will be comprised of a fleet of Discovery 5’s modified by Lucky 8 Off-Road, which pack improved off-road prowess thanks to changes like sliders, skid plates, a winch, aggressive tires, auxiliary lighting, and increased ground clearance. Even more exciting than the upgraded D5s though is Land Rover’s announcement that teams in the main event, which takes place in Palm Springs, California, this January will be competing in a fleet of new Defenders!

Maybe it’s just the 1-2 combo of Land Rover reviving the TReK competition and releasing the Defender in North America, but we have a warm and fuzzy feeling about the direction the green oval seems to be heading, and couldn’t be more excited to see where it leads.

For more information on Land Rover and updates on the competition, visit their website here. 

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