Topper Lift Makes Your Truck Topper a Camper

Here is an interesting camper and cargo storage system that can enhance the versatility and space offered by your pickup truck topper. It’s called the Topper Lift, and it’s an electric, universal truck topper lifting system that fits pickup truck beds ranging from 5 feet to 8 feet in length.


No Hydraulics or Air, just 12-volt Electricity

The four electric linear actuators that make up the Topper Lift system are powered by your vehicle’s existing 12-volt power supply. Use the included control panel to raise or lower the topper on your truck up to 17.5 inches for additional space while parked. Their system is not designed to be left raised while driving (at least not more than 8 inches and at the discretion of the driver—an important limitation to be aware of). And while 17.5 inches may not be enough additional space under a standard topper to provide enclosed standing room, it will offer enough additional headroom to sit up while still keeping a roof over your head. The linear actuators have a maximum capacity of 900 pounds and will work with *almost any topper.

*NOT compatible with Tonneau toppers


Make it a Camper with Privacy Shades and an Integrated Tent

Three models of integrated tents combine with their lift kit to turn your truck bed into a pop-top camper.


Nomad Camper:This is Topper Lift’s most compact truck bed tent, and it does not require the Topper Lift for installation. The Nomad tent only weighs 10 pounds, and it fills the entire truck bed, extending onto the open bed gate while still offering a high degree of weather protection. The Nomad will fit mid-sized and full-sized pickups.


Weekender Camper:Designed to work in concert with the Topper Lift, the combination creates a fully-enclosed truck bed tent and benefits from the additional 17.5 inches of headroom offered by the lift. Like the Nomad, the Weekender extends out onto the open truck bed gate, creating additional floor space while still offering weather protection. Three side panels can be unzipped, offering unobstructed views of your surroundings as well as additional ventilation.


Contractor Camper:Similar to the Weekender, the contractor provides a fully enclosed truck bed tent with side panels. However, instead of extending onto the open truck bed gate, the contractor camper tent ends where the truck bed ends. Because it doesn’t extend onto the open gate, it can easily be rolled up and stowed under the topper, offering the advantage of leaving it installed when you need to use your truck to haul building materials (or anything else).


Learn more about the Topper Lift system here.

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