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Tire Repair Kit: Viking OffRoad

Without question, the most common trail repair is related to tires.  Tires are the only component of the vehicle that are (nearly) continuously in contact with the terrain, and even with a high-quality LT tire, punctures and other failures do happen. There are several high-quality tire repair kits on the market, but Thor (yep, his is really a Viking from Iceland) from Viking OffRoad has taken a good approach, providing all of the critical items in a small package and for a reasonable price. The most significant difference between the Viking kit and most other on the market is the size, Thor’s kit being packaged in a 9x7x3″ cordura nylon zipper case.


Tire Repair Kit Comparison
These two kits are comparable in contents and price, but the Viking kit is significantly more compact.  The Powertank kit is a blow-molded case.

Kit Includes:
1 Side cutter type pliers
1 Heavy Duty Ream Tool
1 Heavy Duty Insert Tool with Collar
30 Vulcanizing Plugs in black or brown
2 Valve Stems
1 Four Way Valve Stem Tool which includes a Tire Deflator
1 Razor knife
1 5-75 psi Pressure Gauge
1 Can lubrication for Ream Tool
1 Compact Cordura Bag
1 Laminated Photo Directions
tire repair kit contents
The Viking kit contains all of the critical items for tire repair, but does not include everything.  For example, there are no carcass patches and no wire for stitching.  These are pretty easy to add and the kit is intended to address 95% of tire failures and still remain affordable. I would consider adding some wire.  The contents of the kit are high-quality, certainly on par with any other kit on the market.  The reamer and insert tools are industrial-grade with big handles, stoppers and replaceable inserts. The plugs are thick and fibrous, greatly improving the structure during a repair.  Every vehicle that ventures into remote areas should have the proper equipment to repair a tire, which should include a compressor, tire repair kit and training on how to break a bead using a jack, etc. The training is important, particularly if a valve stem needs to be replaced. Overall, I really liked the kit and appreciated the quality materials.  Designed and assembled in the USA from domestic and imported parts.
Only $43 and available from vikingoffroad.com – (818) 842-0595


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