The Innovative SylvanSport Vast Travel Trailer Is a Family-Basecamp

Base camping is the overland equivalent of having your cake and eating it. What better way to get the whole family motivated to get out and explore than offering them a comfortable home on wheels that can be parked at an accessible formal or informal campsite while the star of the show, your overland rig, gets to explore the trails or run into town for supplies? At first, we weren’t blown away by the appearance of the Vast trailer, but don’t be put off by the kayak green livery and the abundance of molded plastic. While the exterior of this trailer may not scream adventure, once you have a look at the innovative interior layout, you will likely be impressed by features that cater to the whole family. Key features include two queen-sized beds, a sliding indoor/outdoor kitchen, a full and expanding bathroom with toilet and shower, tons of storage space, and all the comforts you would expect from a premium travel trailer. Let’s have a closer look.

Measuring under 22 feet long (including tongue) and under 8 feet wide (including fenders), the Vast maximizes its 15-foot, 4-inch box to offer a spacious interior without being bulky, making it accessible to various locations. Weighing 4,420 pounds dry, with a gross vehicle weight rating of 5,000 pounds, it allows for a carrying capacity of 580 pounds. Infrastructure features include a 30-gallon freshwater tank equipped with the NoDirtyWater filtration system, a 32-gallon graywater tank, a 4.75-gallon electric flush cassette toilet, and 800 watts of solar panels on the roof to power a robust battery system. Its electrical, lighting, and HVAC systems can be controlled via a cell phone app, adding to its modern amenities. The mid-size makes this trailer perfect for a run down to Baja to live the beach life; the width may, however, give you a heart attack as you negotiate Route 1 (rather than take Route 5 as far south as possible).

The Vast is distinguished by its large, European-style Lexan dual-pane windows, providing ample light and airflow with integrated screens and privacy shades. These windows can be tilted upward, creating a pass-through port to the outside. The rear of the Vast features a full width and height upward-lifting tailgate that offers both shade and protection while loading and a great view! This area can store various cargo, including bicycles, without compromising interior space, but carrying too much heavy gear at the rear would not be wise. The Vast also includes a 14-foot awning equipped with a wind sensor for automatic retraction.​

As mentioned previously, the Vast features two queen-size beds, a huge selling point. One bed converts from an L-shaped lounge bench, while the other lowers from the ceiling on a power lift mechanism, creating a large bunk bed. The lounge area comprises premium cushions and high-quality fabrics, offering various configuration options. This multi-configuration lounge can slide forward, creating space for bikes and gear while maintaining functionality.​

A standout feature, and the most innovative feature of the Vast, is its kitchen, which can be used both inside and outside the trailer. Equipped with a Truma 69-liter refrigerator/freezer, two-burner gas stove, stainless steel sink, microwave, and additional countertop space, the kitchen slides in and out of the shower area, utilizing the patented Glideslide Kitchen technology. This innovative design allows for a complete dry bathroom with a walk-in shower when the kitchen is in the down position, offering a brilliant use of space conversion. The downside is you will need to slide out the kitchen before showering, which is not ideal in cold climates.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Vast provides ample storage solutions. It features a side-mounted equipment rack system for kayaks, SUPs, or canoes and an 18-cubic-foot aerodynamic front storage box for items like propane tanks, batteries, a spare tire, camping gear, and tools. The front storage box also improves the trailer’s aerodynamics.​

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