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The GFC Flight Deck Makes Aircraft Track Look Old-Fashioned

For quite some time, aircraft track, or L track, has been considered one of the best options for securing cargo in vehicles. But Go Fast Campers unveiled a system last week that makes it look downright outdated. It’s called the Flight Deck, a stout modular storage system that’s so elegantly simple that I can’t help but love it. As you’d expect from GFC though, it’s more than just good looking. It’s also designed to take a beating off-road, be washed off with a hose, and then put back into service every day of the week. Here’s a closer look at what could turn out to be our new favorite tie-down system.

The core structure isn’t anything earth-shattering, a set of cross rails with an integrated T-slot track which runs across the truck bed. This provides two levels of storage, thus increasing the total useable space in the vehicle while making it easier to organize and secure your gear. Things start to get a bit more interesting with their flat aluminum panels, which span the gaps between each rail to create a modular deck. These can be moved or rearranged easily, providing access to anything below the surface.

The Flight Deck’s pièce de résistance is definitely its custom tie-down points though. The billet hardware is made by the GFC team, can be operated with one hand, and can be moved or installed by simply lifting the slider, rotating the tie-down, and dropping it into place wherever your heart desires. The process is something you need to see to appreciate, which is why we’ve included their demo video at the bottom of this page.

Although the Flight Deck was unveiled as a cargo platform specifically for the Tacoma, we’re being told that the components will likely be sold for homebuilders looking to use them in other applications as well. That means these rails could potentially be installed in the backs of trucks and SUVs of all sizes instead of aircraft track. That’s good news because I’m dreaming up ways to use them in my Excursion already.

For a full walkthrough, check out the video at the bottom of this page.


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