Secret Compass Announces 2014 Expeditions

If you have a penchant for adventure, need inspiration for your next endeavor, and want to participate in a genuine expedition, you should quickly reserve a spot on one of the trips provided by the gurus of exploration at Secret Compass. Every winter they release their new schedules and itineraries for the coming year, and 2014 looks to be another incredible season of expedition. If you are not familiar with Secret Compass, it was founded by two former officers from the British Parachute Regiment. They have traveled and worked in more than 80 countries, often in the most inhospitable conditions, including combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fellows of the Royal Geographic Society, they also provide complex expedition logistics for film crews and media teams around the globe.


Their staff of expedition leaders, medics, and logistics coordinators represent the very best in the world, with unrivaled resumes. For the coming year, Secret Compass will be embarking on expeditions to Sudan, Sierra Leone, Panama, Iraq, Madagascar, Siberia, Yemen, Ethiopia, the Himalayas, and that’s not even the full list. Their trips include a descent of the Moa River in Sierra Leone by dugout canoe, climbing in the Arunachal Pradesh, exploring the land of fire in Kamchatka, and you can even join co-founder Levison Woods on a portion of his 4,000 mile walk of the River Nile.


These are not canned adventures for those with a wild hair to experience life off the couch. These are legitimate expeditions aimed at the intrepid explorer. Maybe more remarkable than the destinations are the prices. Few companies can offer this level of experience for such reasonable fees. Want to summit the highest peak in Sudan? How about mingle with the people of the high slopes of the Pamir mountains? Maybe what you would enjoy is a mountain bike ride through the rugged canyons of Ethiopia. It’s an incredible list of opportunities. 

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