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Projekt Kodu Retreat and Eco-Hostel, Lahemaa National Park, Estonia

Feeling the need to reset and recharge? Projekt Kodu is a unique seasonal eco-friendly hostel and retreat located in the dense coniferous forests of Lahemaa National Park in Estonia. While rustic in appearance, the comforts and conveniences are more on the glamping end of the spectrum, with furnished canvas bell tents, a spa, daily yoga classes, and an onsite vegetarian restaurant.

“During your stay, we wish for you to do as little or as much as you desire. Walk the forest tracks, cycle the coastal roads, swim in the lakes, and forage wild berries all within a 3-kilometer radius or simply relax and lay back in one of our forest hammocks on site.”

Private doubles, family, and dorm-style tents are all available to suit a variety of travelers. But no matter how comfortable your accommodations, Projekt Kodu is still an off-grid experience asking that visitors “submerge yourself in a culture of mindful exploration.” Projekt-Kodu translates to Project-Home which has manifested as an exploration of traditional ways to live off the land in harmony with the surrounding national park. Onsite buildings are constructed from natural and reclaimed materials to maintain harmony with the ethos of the project. The natural appearance is not only complementary but also blends into the surrounding environment, creating a visually inspiring retreat in the forest.



Visit the Projekt Kodu website to learn more about the retreat and the full range of their offerings for visitors.

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