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Patriot Campers Welcomes a New Dealer in the USA

Patriot Campers has a reputation for quality, multiple award-winning off-road products. The Australian company recently announced that RV’s of America will now join Exploration Outfitters as the second US dealer to market and distribute Patriot campers. Based in Utah, RV’s of America, claims to be the first and premier off-road camper trailer dealer in America, and the list of the current off-road trailer brands represented now includes Patriot Campers, Imperial Outdoors Xplore RV, Kimberley Kampers, Taxa habitats, and Vorsheer off-road trailers.

Patriot Campers offer luxury camper trailers that feature the latest in design technology and industry-leading materials for a superior finish and long-lasting durability. The foundation of all Patriot Camper trailers is a hot-dipped galvanized chassis. The fusion of steel and marine-grade aluminum creates a light yet robust
platform. The aluminum shell blends with the chassis for a monocoque design, which is strong, lightweight, and versatile.

Independent suspension keeps the camper trailer balanced and stable no matter how rough the terrain. Best in class dual shock suspension prevents shock fade over long, rough trips, and the independent suspension system keeps the camper trailer steady and balanced.

Patriot campersPatriot campersPatriot campers


Patriot campersPatriot campersPatriot campers

The kitchen was designed to be as practical as possible, especially for those long trips to remote locations. Roll out the generous L-shaped kitchen to reveal a sizeable portable fridge on a stainless steel slide that hides a wet storage compartment, cutlery drawer, scratch-resistant benchtops, and a plumbed kitchen sink.

Patriot campersPatriot campersPatriot campers

The Patriot Campers range of camper trailers are designed to go anywhere; a comprehensive electrical management system keeps the trailer and gear charged and operational for weeks at a time. The electrical system features 2x 150AH batteries and a full range of electrical inputs, including an Anderson plug, which allows charging from a vehicle or solar.

Patriot campersPatriot campersPatriot campers

It is claimed that the X-Range is compact and maneuverable, from urban streets to the trail.

You might recognize the Patriot Camper “X3” from the recent Expedition Overland Alaska YouTube series; you can find more information on the Expedition Overland website scroll down and read the pros and cons of traveling with a trailer. You might also recognize the PCOR tray bed systems, which are constructed by a division of Patriot Campers.

Visit www.rvsofamerica.com

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