P19 Shorty Trailer Revealed by Polydrops

Polydrops, winner of the iF Design Award 2022 in the Automobile/Vehicles category for their P17A1 trailer, has introduced its newest creation, the angular, teardrop P19 Shorty trailer. Building on the success of its predecessor, the P17A1, the P19 Shorty takes compact trailer design “to the next level by combining polygonal shapes with the sleekness of sports coupes,” according to the press release.


The exterior of the P19 Shorty is defined by its angular, aerodynamic lines reminiscent of 1980s sports car design. Setting itself apart from traditional teardrop trailers, the P19 Shorty features a Kamm tail and a sharpened front fascia, which not only gives a sense of speed but also reduces air drag by up to four times compared to its competitors, apparently. A notable design aspect of the P19 Shorty is the front air tunnel, reducing air drag further and giving the trailer a unique and striking appearance.


Inside the P19 Shorty, modern, minimalist design elements and functionality come together seamlessly. The clear anodized aluminum finish walls and lightly textured plywood furniture create a sleek, contemporary look while hiding the trailer’s zero thermal bridged structural foam core cabin.

Polydrops Polydrops

The P19 Shorty’s interior design reflects its exterior, using the same materials for a unified, cohesive feel. Clean lines and minimalism contribute to the trailer’s overall aesthetic appeal, setting it apart from similar trailers on the market.

P19 shorty trailer

The monocoque structural insulation for the cabin lowers the center of gravity, reduces weight, and eliminates thermal bridges to deliver a superior driving experience and increased safety. The P19 Shorty is also claimed to be a genuine four-season camper, capable of providing warmth to passengers using only body heat. These innovative construction features emphasize Polydrops’ dedication to excellence in design and functionality.

P19 shorty trailer

The P19 Shorty trailer exemplifies Polydrops’ commitment to outstanding design and functionality. With its inventive approach to RV design, this trailer will leave a lasting impression on those who value style and substance and will surely turn heads on any road trip.

P19 shorty trailer

The P19 Shorty features impressively diminutive specifications, including overall dimensions of 76 inches wide x 62 inches tall x 140 inches long, a cabin measuring 54 inches wide x 38 inches tall x 80 inches long, and a dry weight of a low 640 pounds. Its chassis consists of rust-free custom aluminum tubing, a 2000 pounds Timbren Axle-less independent suspension, 205/75/15 tires with black rims, a 3500 pounds-rated safety cable swivel jack, four flat pin wiring, and a 2-inch ball coupler. The body sports two side doors with locks, marine-grade door hinges, four windows with bug screens, a 110-volt inlet, side markers, Glo-Light tail lights, and a license plate light. The cabin should comfortably sleep two adults and a pet on a tri-fold mattress, a convertible table, three storage cubby holes, a 110-volt outlet, LED warm white lighting, and a clear-anodized aluminum interior.

The base price is a surprisingly reasonable $12,500, with additional options available (i.e., a rear hitch receiver for $500, an outdoor kitchen for $3,500, insulated covers for $800, and a skylight for $1,500).


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