Overland News of the Week

Berkey Water Filters

Finding potable water on extended road trips is fairly easy if you pass through developed areas. But just because water is safe to drink doesn’t mean that it tastes good. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve filled the tank in our RV only to be overwhelmed by the taste of chlorine when I pour myself a glass of water. And in backcountry locations, I often encounter water sources that look fresh, but it’s always a smart idea to filter raw water sources, no matter how pristine they look. This is where water filters from Berkey are an excellent solution. They filter out contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum contaminants, fluoride, and bacteria (to name a few). The stainless steel components won’t leach anything harmful into your water, and a pair of filters will treat up to 6,000 gallons of water before needing replacement.

Berkey Water Filters | $182-$399 | Berkey


Van Compass Topo 2-inch Lift Kit

Are you looking to improve the stance and driving comfort of your Ford Transit van? The Topo 2-inch lift kit from Van Compass fits 2013-current Ford Transits, both RWD and AWD models. The Topo lift kit was specifically designed to work around the packaging and front CV shaft constraints presented with the 2020 AWD Transit platform and is also compatible with dual rear wheel vans. A factory or HD 1-inch coil retains ride comfort while delivering additional travel. You can achieve 12.75 inches of ground clearance under the center of the front suspension crossmember by upgrading to a Bilstein B6 strut and 265/75/16 tires*.

*Slight trimming of the inner pinch seam will be required to run the aforementioned tire size—instructions are provided by Van Compass.

Van Compass Topo 2-inch Lift Kit | $855 | Van Compass


Pelican EZ-click MOLLE Panel

If you own any Pelican products, then you are well aware that they are known for quality and durability. From camera equipment to computers, phones, firearms, or anything you want to keep out of the elements, they make a case for your application. New in their lineup of accessories, Pelican has just released the EZ-click MOLLE panel, a lid organizer that fits select cases and can be swapped or removed without any tools. Utilizing user-supplied MOLLE-style pouches and velcro, the EZ-click MOLLE panel can quickly be adapted to tackle whatever adventure or job lies ahead.

Pelican EZ-click MOLLE Panel | $40-$60 | Pelican


Tuffy Locking Lid Cubby Cover for Jeep Wrangler


Looking to add secure storage in your Jeep? Tuffy products has you covered with the Locking Cubby Cover lid. This 1/8-inch steel cover replaces the stock cubby cover in the trunk of the Wrangler, adding a 10-pin tumbler, double-bitted security lock with built-in weather sealing. When closed and locked, this cubby cover also secures your jack. A continuous-welded steel hinge, 1/8-inch steel mounting brackets, grade 8 fastening-hardware, and black powder-coating round out this solid accessory.

Tuffy Locking Lid Cubby Cover for Jeep Wrangler | $188 | Tuffy Products


Yakima On-Ramp Bike Rack

Work smarter, not harder with the new Yakima On-Ramp bike rack. You can expect the same secure storage that Yakima products are known for with the addition of an integrated loading ramp. Save your back the effort of lifting heavier E-bikes by rolling them up the ramp and into their tray. The rack securely holds mountain, road, commuter, and touring bikes, and has a 132-pound capacity. The On-Ramp is available for 1.25-inch or 2-inch hitches.

Yakima On-Ramp Bike Rack | $549 | Yakima


Vision-X Overland Series Lights

New from Vision-X lighting, the Overland series lights are low power-draw LED flood and backup lights, which mount easily to racks and deliver 1,140 lumens per light. The 60-degree/40-degree optics provide optimal area lighting while drawing only 15 watts (1.25 amps) per light. The vented light housings are “watertight and dustproof” and designed to prevent moisture buildup. Two-way Armor Series mounting brackets and wiring pigtails are supplied with the Overland series lights.

Vision-X Overland Series Lights | $69-$199 | Vision-X


Blue Ridge Chair Works


Achieving an excellent balance of style and functionality, Blue Ridge Chair Works produces folding chairs and camp furniture in North Carolina from sustainable and durable ash. The Blue Ridge mission is to “craft American-made outdoor furniture and specialty products that are innovative and built to last,” and they achieve this through techniques that were handed down to them by traditional Appalachian furniture makers. In addition to hard-wearing ash, they utilize heavyweight polyester (colorfast and fade-resistant), and corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware. All wood is finished with penetrating Danish oil to ensure a long product life.

Blue Ridge Chair Works | $138-$350 | Blue Ridge

Decked D-Bag


If you’ve installed a Decked storage system in your truck, then chances are you could use a D-bag. “What’s that,” you say? Yes, the D-bag is how Decked does storage. It’s a soft, military-grade storage solution that will fit perfectly in your Decked storage compartments. Thanks to padding and shoulder straps, you can sling it over your shoulder to haul your gear around easily once you’ve parked. The D-bag features 900-denier, TPU-coated nylon fabric for a weather-resistant and durable finish. It also boasts 42 liters (2,500 cubic inches) of storage space and YKK zippers.

Decked D-bag | $174 | Decked

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