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Dave Harriton on the New Class of OEM Overland Vehicles :: Overland Journal Podcast

episode 176 - AEV Dave Harriton

Overland Journal Podcast Episode 176

Earlier this year, we published an article that garnered a lot of attention both on Expedition Portal and in our social media feeds. Author Mac Kirkpatrick explained how he was legally able to increase the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of his Toyota Tacoma in the state of Pennsylvania. Of course, anytime you modify your vehicle beyond its GVWR, payload, or towing capacities, you’re adding stress and strain that it may not have been designed to handle. Just because it’s legal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.

This is a big part of why we spend a lot of time thinking about the payload and related performance metrics of our overland vehicles. Perhaps nobody in the industry better understands the engineering demands of overland builds more than “the Einstein of overlanding”, AEV’s Dave Harriton. In Episode 176 of the Overland Journal Podcast, hosts Scott Brady and Matt Scott talk in-depth with Dave about payloads, off-road performance, and the new batch of trucks and SUVs that are overland-ready right off the showroom floor. Dave is always a knowledgable and compelling guest—you won’t want to miss this week’s episode.

Special thanks to our sponsor this week, Kuat Racks.

Tune in using the link below or download the episode on your favorite podcast player.

Guest Bio:

Dave Harriton

Dave Harriton’s career began with four AAA tows and UM’s business plan competition. Now he owns the largest and most respected Jeep accessory company in the industryAEV.

Episode 176 - Dave Harriton

American Expedition Vehicles was formed in the 1990s when Dave started stretching TJ Wranglers for himself and a few friends while a student at the University of Montana. He eventually won a business school award based on this Jeep project, and after graduating, Dave set up shop in a one-room garage with a dirt floor in Missoula, Montana. When Dave’s modified Wranglers began winning Chrysler Design Excellence Awards at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, he found partners in Detroit who could bring OE-quality engineering and manufacturing expertise to his innovative designs.

Today, AEV is a modern success story in resurgent American automotive manufacturing. With a design/engineering facility in Missoula and a large engineering/vehicle build/warehouse plant in Detroit, AEV has built a brand with a stellar reputation in the passionate Jeep and off-road communities. @aevdave

Host Bios:

Scott Brady

Scott is the publisher and co-founder of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal and is often credited with popularizing overlanding in North America. His travels by 4WD and adventure motorcycle span all seven continents and includes three circumnavigations of the globe. His polar expeditions include two vehicle crossings of Antarctica and the first long-axis crossing of Greenland. @scott.a.brady

Matthew Scott

Matthew is a leading expert in automotive adventure. He has extensively explored the world’s most remote places by 4WD and is considered an industry authority on overland travel. He is the only American to ever become an editor of a major Australian 4WD publication and has over 15 years of competitive auto racing experience. @mattexplore

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Stephan Edwards is the Associate Editor of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal. He and his wife, Julie, once bought an old Land Rover sight unseen from strangers on the internet in a country they'd never been to and drove it through half of Africa. After living in Botswana for two years, Stephan now makes camp at the foot of a round mountain in Missoula, Montana. He still drives that Land Rover every day. An anthropologist in his former life and a lover of all things automotive, Stephan is a staunch advocate for public lands and his writing and photography have appeared in Road & Track, Overland Journal, and Adventure Journal. Find him at @venturesomeoverland on Instagram.