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Overland Expo East Moves to Arrington, Virginia and Announces Dates

As many of you have already heard, Overland Expo is under new management, and this year it seems that they’ve wisely chosen to change venues for Expo East. The new location, which was revealed to be Infinity Downs in Arrington, Virginia, will include accessible electricity in the main event common areas, WiFi connectivity, and hard pack and gravel surfaces in the vendor areas. This should do wonders to help avoid the mud bogging shenanigans we saw last year and some of the technical headaches experienced with poor connectivity.

“Infinity Downs is a picturesque destination with all of the necessities to operate a large-scale event,” said Overland Expo Vice President of Marketing and Communications Jessica Kirchner. “And with more than 300 acres of land, the event has more than enough room to grow and flourish.”
The new venue is located between Charlottesville and Lynchburg, Virginia, which should make it easily accessible for attendees driving or flying to the event. They have also announced that a limited number of Overland VIP Experience tickets are now on sale, which grants access to all of the classes, programs, campsites, and yes, happy hours occurring throughout the weekend.
Opening day will be Friday, October 11, 2019, and the event will run for its usual weekend span until Sunday, October 13.
To learn more, visit the Overland Expo website by clicking the link here. 

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