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There are times when I come across a vehicle for sale that is truly exciting, and this is one of them. Josephine and Frederik have travelled the world in this diesel-powered 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79 with a 1HZ 4.2-liter inline 6-cylinder engine and Azalaï “living pod” conversion. Ride comforts include Recaro Orthoped seats and Terrain Tamer parabolic leaf springs in the rear and smart coils in the front, while a set of BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tires wrap Braid Fullrace T Dakar wheels.

The build also looks the part with vintage-inspired livery, a Warn 9.5 CTI-s winch, and snorkel. If you can get registration figured out in your home country, Belgium (where the vehicle is currently located) is the perfect jumping-off point for an adventure through Africa, Central Asia, or Europe.

From the Seller:

“This is the real deal. Not a show car, but a genuine long-range, long term overland expedition vehicle. This will take you to the most remote destinations on earth in comfort and style! This is the fourth Azalaï ever made and it is very rare to have the passage to the front (legally approved by Toyota with EU paperwork to match). The conversion was done in 2003. A major overhaul (interior/exterior) was done just last year (May 2021), about 15,000 kilometers ago.”

2003 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79

The lust-worthy 70-series remains an elusive unicorn to those of us living in North America, and rightfully so. This global platform’s diminutive size, payload capacity, and capability make it especially sought-after in the overland world. The 1HZ engine, known for its legendary longevity and reliability, is the cherry on top.

Distinguishing Features

Truly a turn-key setup, the Land Cruiser is equipped with a recovery kit, spare parts set, GPS, and storage boxes. Bring your own cutlery, cooking set, bedding, and personal items, and nothing can stop you from hitting the road immediately.

Additional distinguishing features include:

  • Freshwater tank, 170 liters, and General Ecology Seagull IV filter
  • Eberspächer diesel heater
  • Daewoo Mini washing machine (yes, you read that right)
  • Waeco Coolmatic CRX fridge/freezer, 110-liter
  • Victron Smart Lithium 200Ah battery, 220-volt charger/inverter, two 200-watt Blue Energy solar panels, and more
  • LPG oven and cooktop and exterior single induction burner

If you’re contemplating the purchase and live outside of Europe, ensure it is possible to register the vehicle in your home country.

This 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79 is listed for €55,000 and is currently located in Aalst, Belgium. Check out the full vehicle specifications via the Expedition Portal forum, or Radiobaobab’s website.

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