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If you’re seriously considering life on the road or a long-term overlanding trip, this 2002 Acela Monterra is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a unique, meticulously built, serviced, and upgraded all-terrain base vehicle.

The process of building a reliable overland truck from scratch is a truly love–hate journey, and can easily consume the entirety of your income, time, and patience. The chance to acquire a vehicle of this size at a fair price, showcasing these specifications is a very rare opportunity. Moreover, it allows you to bypass the often-gruelling vehicle build and restoration, instead focusing on the design of your dream camper/habitation box, aka “the fun part.”

This FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles) line of trucks was designed exclusively for military use, and has “achieved the U.S. Army’s ‘ultra-reliable’ status for the past seventeen years” (according to Acela Truck Company). However, the Acela Truck Company has since made them available to the public, and the Monterra is their flagship offering. It’s important to recognise that Acela does not simply resell these vehicles; rather each truck receives a comprehensive rebuild, including over 300 point tests and inspections, and more than 600 new certified OEM-guaranteed parts. The Monterra is a large vehicle and a big commitment, but for long-term travel, this platform makes a lot of sense.

From the Seller

“We are selling our beloved LMTV to downsize for the next chapter of our lives. We have lovingly built, maintained, and lived in this truck for the past three years. [The Monterra] will make an excellent starting point for a new rig. [At present], a flatbed camper designed for an 8-foot bed could be installed, or the flatbed could be removed to accommodate a 15-foot habitation box. We are happy to consult on this process.

The truck is mechanically sound with a recently rebuilt engine, low miles, and a four-year extended warranty with towing coverage from CAT. This is not your typical LMTV with 20+- year-old components. The truck was upfitted into an Acela Monterra in 2018 via their rigorous Certified Reset Program, including a 300-point inspection and 600+ new parts. In addition, we have continued to inspect and improve the truck over the last three years. The bulk of the work was completed in the summer of 2019 unless noted otherwise. See the list of upgrades and custom fabrications below. All work has been performed in a high-quality manner, with careful attention to detail, to ensure the original specifications of the truck are maintained. This includes approach/departure angles, ground clearance, weight distribution, and overall dimensions.

The subframe was designed so that a flatbed (as currently configured) or a habitation box can be interchanged as needed. However, almost anything could be built on the subframe to accommodate a variety of needs. The storage boxes, tire carrier, and rear fender wells are all connected to the subframe, so changing out the function of the cargo area is as simple as releasing the four corner connections and disconnecting the wiring harnesses. The design intent is that this 2.5-ton truck can meet almost any need.”


2002 Acela Monterra 4×4

47,000 miles

Caterpillar 3126 7.2-liter inline 6-cylinder, turbocharged engine

Allison MD3070PT 7-speed automatic transmission

Goodyear MVT 395/85/R20 tires

Hutchison aluminum wheels

Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)



GVWR increased to 23,600 pounds (Acela)

GCWR increased to 35,600 pounds (Acela)

Custom cab air levelling and ABS computer mount​

Power-Packer selectable cab lift hand pump

Custom dual Donaldson PowerCore PSD air filter system with aluminum intake tubing​

Removed anti-polarity protection device​

Baked on black frame coating (Acela)

Custom front fender guards with cab bump stops

Haldex PURest air dryer (Acela)

Relocated air dryer, air tanks, and battery box on chassis

Custom aluminum fuel tanks (95-gallon passenger side​, 80-gallon driver side)​

Custom tank support brackets with option for skid plates​

IMCO SuperFuel switch controls sending units and supply/return flows​

Aluminum greywater tank, 45-gallon marine-grade

Custom steel subframe

Heavy-duty spring-mounted subframe

Designed for 7-foot, 6-inch x 15-foot habitation box or similar​

Cab color-matched powder coated springs and black powder coated subframe​

Custom swing down powder coated rear tire carrier with license plate mount and light​

Custom Alum-Line aluminum storage boxes mounted to subframe​

Custom 1/4-inch thick aluminum rear fender wells​

GloLight LED rear stop/turn/tail lights

Baja Designs Squadron Sport flush mount reverse flood lights

Custom Alum-Line aluminum flatbed designed to fit subframe​

Includes headache rack, “garage” storage box, and wood decking​

LED marker lights​

“Garage” storage box, insulated 1-inch rigid foam with 1/2-inch plywood floor​

Lux Lighting Max LED lights in “garage” storage box

L-track storage solution in “garage”​

Custom front winch bumper with Sherpa Stallion 25,000-pound winch and synthetic winch line

Stock front tow points are maintained​

Custom rear winch mount with Sherpa Stallion 25,000-pound winch and synthetic winch line

Steel rear tow points, 1-inch-thick

Fox LMTV tuned shocks

Cab airbag suspension system (Midwest Military Equipment)

EcoFlaps aerodynamic front and rear mud flaps

Lux Lighting Max LED magnetic rock lights

LUX Lighting Max LED magnetic engine lights


Systems and Cab

Ametek NGI digital dash system (Acela)

ScanGauge D

Auxiliary fuse block (Acela)

Red Dot air conditioning/heating unit with windshield and floor vents (Acela)

Headliner and interior panels (Acela)

Custom aluminum pass-through frame with cover plate and insulation

sPod Bantam touchscreen auxiliary power system

VisionX 5.75-inch and 7-inch VX series black chrome headlights with white halos and dual beam high beams

Baja Designs Squadron Pro wide cornering ditch lights mounted to roof rack bars controlled via sPod

Freightliner Cascadia mirrors

Mirror heat controlled via sPod​, manually adjustableConverted to dual group 8D batteries (Acela)

New Centennial Commercial C-8DH starting batteries

Stainless steel battery trays (Acela)

Custom aluminum roof rack bars and ladders

Extensive sound deadening system

Espar Hydronic M12 diesel coolant heater with easy-start timer in cab​

Arctic Fox Hotfox in-tank fuel heaters with 1/8-inch auxiliary standpipes​

Arctic Fox Hydraliner heater in gray water tank​

4-circuit electric valve hydronic manifold located in custom aluminum storage box​

Custom Ram mount

Single DIN head unit with rear and front speakers

Rear View Safety backup and side camera system activated by reserve or turn signals

Custom RAM mount for 7-inch display unit in cab​

Blue Sea Systems Fast Charge 4.8-amp USB charge port (driver and passenger sides)

Rugged Radios H22 Ultimate Carbon Fiber headsets with Racing Radio SXS intercom

Scheel-Mann Vario F Edition heated seats with armrests and LMTV mounting brackets MOLLE panel and L-track storage solutions in cab

Victron inverter in cab behind passenger side, 400-watt

Blue Sea Systems circuit breaker for 12-volt cab circuits in battery box, 100-amp

Blue Sea Systems circuit breaker for 24-volt cab circuits in battery box, 100-amp

Blue Sea Systems circuit breaker for camper battery-to-battery charger in battery box, 30-amp


All military technical manuals including wiring diagrams

All service records

All manuals for installed equipment

Digital drawings of all fabricated items available upon request

Tactical Recovery Gear soft shackles, snatch rope, and tow rope rated for 30,000 pounds

Sherpa winch line extension

Heavy-duty tools, including torque multiplier, filter wrenches, and driveshaft tools

Custom black marine vinyl tire cover for spare

This 2002 Acela Monterra is listed for $115,000 and is currently located in Lander, Wyoming. Check the full vehicle specifications via the original Expedition Portal forum post here.

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