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OHV launches a Limited-Slip Differential for Mercedes Sprinter

Slip Differential Mercedes Sprinter

Off Highway Van “OHV” based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has launched a bolt-in limited-slip differential for 2WD or 4WD Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans in both the NCV3 (2007-2018) and VS30 (2019+) chassis. The OHV limited-slip differential is designed for the build and upfit community as well as fleet services with the goal of improving off-road and inclement weather ability. If this winter has taught us anything it is that winter tires and excellent traction are non-negotiable.

Aaron Pfadt, owner and founder of OHV candidly states,

“Our customers actually use their vans out in the desert or backcountry all seasons of the year, and creating this product will enable them to avoid embarrassing situations like getting stuck in the ski-resort parking lot. From the start, we needed a solution that didn’t affect the tire wear, road noise, or fuel economy. Our Limited Slip Differential accomplishes these goals while providing the optimum balance of traction, and it’s something you don’t have to worry about turning on or off or affecting the driving dynamics of your van.”

Essentially, a limited-slip differential transfers power to the wheel with the most grip when you need it. As a vehicle travels, equal power is delivered to the rear wheels, but if one wheel starts spinning and losing traction the limited-slip differential automatically diverts greater torque to the wheel with more traction. Current Sprinter vans arrive from the factory with an open rear differential. This means power is transferred to only one wheel at a time, leaving the wheel with the least amount of traction to spin in place when on a surface with low grip. The OHV limited-slip differential is constantly engaged.

Limited-slip differential

Available for installation only through OHV for $7,500, this includes installation, the traction unit, a new 3.92 gear ring and pinion, as well as new pinion and differential carrier bearings and seals. The product is not compatible with Dually Sprinter vans (3500 models), or previous generation Sprinter vans (T1N).

For more information on the OHV Limited Slip Differential visit: offhighwayvan.com

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