Nissan Debuts e-NV200 Winter Campervan Concept

nissan winter concept

While the e-NV200 compact cargo van from Nissan has been around for a little while now, this new winter camper concept aims to demonstrate how adventurous individuals or couples might enjoy an emissions-free vanlife in the colder, snowier months. And while it’s a concept and not a production vehicle, it’s certainly interesting to see another major vehicle manufacturer testing consumer and industry interest with an electric campervan. Is this a sign of things to come?

This winter camper concept is built around the Nissan Camper Technology Luxury Kit, a suite of technology and hardware solutions for living comfortably off the grid. The kit features a 220V power pack (that can be recharged with roof-fitted solar panels), an integrated functioning kitchen, refrigerator, folding beds, and insulated windows. I will point out that missing from that kit (in my humble opinion) is a fuel-tank-fed, forced-hot-air heater—this vehicle is designed for camping in the winter, after all.

nissan winter concept campervanthe new nissan winter concept campervan on the road

Nissan claims that the concept e-NV200 is optimized for winter driving with “off-road” tires and spotlights which are affixed to a pseudo-bull bar, although there’s no mention of additional driving modes or adjustments/improvements regarding traction control, suspension, or otherwise. Additional accessories include Nissan original front and rear mudguards, door-entry guards, sidebars, and rubber mats. And while I easily find myself nitpicking neglected details that are obvious to me, it’s important to remember; this is simply a concept demonstrating that, yes, a “winter” campervan utilizing an EV chassis is possible.

“For Nissan, electric mobility is all about offering an exciting experience behind the wheel—while above all remaining conscious of our impact on the environment,” said Dmitry Busurkin, Corporate Sales & LCV General Manager, Nissan Europe

“Imbued with the essence of adventure and thrilling electrified power, the Nissan e-NV200 Winter Camper concept van is an optimistic expression of the future of zero-emissions mobility. This vision, and the innovative set of accessories available with the standard e-NV200 models, will get drivers and outdoor enthusiasts alike excited for the adventures we’re all craving in the future.”

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